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April 3, 2021

Americans are on the move in 2020. While the tally of permanent moves for 2020 is ongoing, short term moves more than doubled from roughly 150,000 to 350,000 in March of 2020 according to a MYMOVE analysis of USPS data.  California, New York and Illinois received the most short term net out migration and the beneficiaries include Texas, Georgia and Idaho.  

Reasons for relocation include:

*Lower taxes

*Lower cost of living

*Better quality of life

*Expanded Economic Opportunities

*Less congestion

At My College Laptop, we ask: Are Americans undergoing relocation for education? If a person was to relocate for education reasons, which states provide the best programs for their residents?

Since we asked the question, we have to provide answers. Hence, we ranked the top states for education migration.

The Top 20 States For Education Relocation

Rank State Tuition Program Benefits Eligibility Our Comments
01 WV West Virginia’s free-tuition Free
Community College
• Pass a drug test for marijuana.
• Be a resident of West Virginia.
If you are 21 and moving from California, Colorado, Nevada or Washington – you might want to think twice.
02 TN Tennessee Promise Free
Community College
• Be a resident of Tennessee. It pays to be a member of the Volunteer state.
03 CA California College Promise Free Community College • Be a first time college student.
• Be a resident of California.
California still knows how to party. More reason to stay if you are resident and more reason to go if you are not.
04 MI Futures For Frontliners Free Tuition • Must be a Michigan resident and an essential worker in the state of Michigan One of the largest programs in the country geared toward essential workers.
05 AZ The University Of Arizona Primary Care Physician Scholarship  Free Tuition • Be a resident of Arizona.
• Be a full-time medical student at University of Arizona.
• Work a mandatory two years in underserved medical communities across Arizona or scholarship converts into a loan. 
Service to the underserved is the highest calling.
06 CO Colorado Pledge Free Tuition AND/OR Room or Board • If family income is $60,000 or less then the student receives free tuition/room or board.
• If family income is $60,000-$125,000 then the student receives free tuition.
The Centennial state is listening to Gen-Z and Millennials
07 GA HOPE Career Grant Free Community College & 30 free degree hours • Apply for one of 12 highly demanded majors. Keep HOPE alive!
08 CT Pledge to Advance Connecticut Free
Community College
• Be a resident of Connecticut.
• Fill out FAFSA and meet the requirements.
• Attend a local Community College full time.
CT is making community college free.  
09 DE Over-60 Tuition-Free Degree
SEED Program
Free Tuition

Delaware Tech – Tuition Free
• Be age 60 or older.
• Be a resident of Delaware for a year or longer.
• Get a 2.0 GPA or better in high school.
• Have a clean record.
Delaware proves you are never too old to go back to school.
10 SC Senior Citizen Free Tuition Program University of South Carolina – Free Tuition • Be a Resident of South Carolina for a year or longer.
• Be age 60 or older.
South Carolina proves that old-school wisdom pays.
11 NE Nebraska Promise Free Tuition • If Family income is less than $60,000 then the student receives free tuition.
• Fill out FAFSA and meet the requirements.
The Cornhusker state is keeping its promise to its citizens.
12 TX FASFA & Pell Grant Programs Free Tuition at 12 select colleges • If family income is from $0-$50,000 get free tuition, depending on the school. Tuition is NOT bigger in Texas.
13 IL Illinois Commitment Free tuition and campus fees • If family income is $67,100 or less then receive free tuition. The land of Lincoln is committed to its citizens.
14 AR Arkansas Future Grant Free Community/Tech College • Enroll in a STEM major at Tech/Community College.
• Work a mandatory 3 years in Arkansas or scholarship converts into loan.
Stem is the future
15 MD Maryland Community College Promise Scholarships Free
Community College
• Fill out FAFSA and meet the requirements.
• Be a resident of Maryland.
• High school GPA must be between 2.3-4.0
• Family household cannot exceed $150,000 yearly.
Maryland is earning its nickname as the Free State.
16 WI Bucky’s Tuition Promise University Of Wisconsin-Madison • Family income must be $56,000 or less for eligibility .
• Be a resident of Wisconsin.
Free tuition at a Research I university.  It doesn’t get any better than this.
17 ME The Pine Tree State Pledge University of Maine at Augusta – Free Tuition • Be a full time student (12-15 credits).
• Be eligible to receive a pell grant.
Residents of Maine have everything to gain.
18 MN Minnesota State Grant Program Free Tuition & Fees • If family income is $40,000 or less attend Community College for free.
• If family income is $30,000 or less attend 4-year university for free.
The land of a thousand lakes and free community college.
19 UT For Utah Scholarship Free Tuition • Have a High School GPA of 3.2 or higher.
• Fill out FAFSA and meet the requirements
• Apply for a pell grant and be eligible.
A great deal for students that have the best snow on earth .
20 HI Hawai’i Promise Program Free Tuition, Fees, & Books

Last Dollar Program
• Fill out FAFSA and meet requirements.  Free tuition in paradise.