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March 29, 2021

Gaming consoles are one the most popular gaming platforms in the gaming industry. Popularity can be directly attributed to gaming consoles’ affordability, quality and social connectivity. For college students, consoles have surpassed keg parties as the primary source of entertainment and are essential to the college experience.

This fun fact has led the staff at MyCollegeLaptop to ask:

“Are there any gaming console discounts for college students?”

The answer: Yes. However, they are few and far between. Let’s look at the top brands.

Microsoft Xbox One Gaming System

student playing xbox one

Student Discount:

10% percent off the purchase price.

Other Student Perks: 

  • Free Xbox Live Gold
  • One Free Game Each Month

MyCollegeLaptop Opinion:

This is by far the best student discount for gaming consoles on the market, period.  Microsoft is genius in offering the one free game each month as it enables students to “up their game” and purchasing one will officially make you the BWOC/BMOC.  [Big Woman (Man) On Campus].  Microsoft has come correct on this one and from a student discount perspective, blows the competition away.


Students must register at Microsoft.com and create an Xbox Live Gold Account.  Follow the prompts and verify student status.  Purchases must be made online to be eligible.

Nintendo Gaming Consoles
nintendo student discounts

Student Discount:

10% percent off any Nintendo game consoles, games and accessories.

Additional Student Perks


MyCollegeLaptop Opinion:

Don’t sleep on Nintendo.  While Nintendo lacks the “depth” of Microsoft by not providing ongoing student discount perks, they make up for it in breadth.  Students that desire mobility and nostalgia can take comfort in knowing that their discount applies to all products.  The simplicity of this program is by far the best aspect of it.


Students are required to show proof of status by registering online at Student Beans.


Student Discount


Student Perks


SONY must stand for Seniors Only No Youth.  The only discount we could find for SONY products were through a senior citizen discount at Best Buy.  This is not exactly true. If you are an Australian student at an Australian school, then you can apply for discounts through their education program. 

C’mon SONY. 

Why should baby boomers and Aussie’s have all the fun.  We were quite disappointed in SONY’s in ability to support the youth of America. I mean aren’t we suffering enough with all that student loan debt. In SONY’s defense, at least they are offering jobs and internships for students, but we have sneaking suspicion they will take that away as well once the recession hits.

Final Thoughts

Which discount and console to select comes down to choice and preference. Microsoft and Nintendo both offer favorable discounts, but also have significant differences. Before making a purchase, you will need to consider which console offers game titles that you’ll be more interested in. Would you prefer to play the Halo franchise or Super Smash Bros?

Questions like these will help you decide which gaming system best suits you.  Finally, if you happen to come across any discounts, please let us know on our Facebook page.