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New Mexico a sparsely populated state and it is home to more than 2 million people. Over 1/4 of the state speaks Spanish, and a small percentage also speak Navajo. Industry growth has been moderate with defense contracting holding a sizeable share of the states GDP. Temperatures are relatively moderate year round but there are harsh cold months in the winter.  New Mexicans reportedly have a decent quality of life as well, according to Sperlings.

Navajo Technical University

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Crownpoint, New Mexico

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New Mexico State University

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Las Cruce, New Mexico

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Founded in 1888, New Mexico State University is a NASA space-grant institution for higher learning and sits on...Read More

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Vista College

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Multiple locations in Texas and New Mexico & Online


Vista College is a public community college in San Antonio, Texas, New Mexico & Online. It is one of five community college...Read More

University of New Mexico

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The University of New Mexico is one of the largest schools in the state. It has more than...Read More