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Kentucky is a state best known for horse-raising, whiskey manufacturing, agriculture, mining, and a wide range of other manufacturing industries. It is also known as a beautiful countryside with a long history of shaping this nation. Students grow up learning of Abraham Lincoln and his fabled  log cabin in Kentucky. Kentuckians love their state, and their schools.   While most will attend college in state,  with  just a little bit of research, you may find that smaller schools in your own back yard have features that you may have overlooked.

Somerset Community College

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Somerset, Kentucky

Laptop Loan Program

Somerset Community College is a public two-year college founded in 1965. It has two main campuses in Somerset...Read More

Morehead State University

Non Sponsored School

Morehead, Kentucky

Loaner Program

Morehead State University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. 211...Read More

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Western Kentucky University

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Bowling Green, KY

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Berea College

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Berea may not be known to those nationwide, but it has a proud history that started with its...Read More
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