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Kansas is home to a wide variety of individuals and wide open spaces. With manufacturing and agriculture as their largest industries, the state is invested in creating a diverse and educated citizenry.   Upon graduating from high school, those living in the state have some decisions to make. Do they pursue education in-state, online, or a little of both?  With so many choices, it will take some research to find the right education for your personal needs.

Fort Hays State University

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Hays, Kansas

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Initially, Fort Hays State University was intended to be focused on agricultural studies but later opened as a...Read More

Grantham University

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Lenexa, Kansas

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Learn how to break into a high-paying tech career in a few months, with no prior experience. Sign up to schedule a free coaching session!

Southwestern College

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Winfield, KS

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Southwestern College is a small college in Kansas that has an affiliation with the United Methodist Church. Located...Read More

Baker University Kansas

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Baker University is a school dedicated to helping students reach their goals on their terms. Alumni include Rhodes...Read More
Online Colleges in Kansas