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Idaho colleges?  To outsiders, the first thing that comes to mind about Idaho colleges is the blue turf at Boise State. What Idahoans know, and few others understand, is that the Gem State is more than just a big old blue turf college and potatoes.  Idaho is a state dedicated to economic growth and building a diverse and educated workforce.

Since 2018, Idaho has witnessed double digit population growth rates and this is placing stress on the capacity of some of its campus based schools.   In response,  students now are turning to online programs to accommodate their educational needs and select colleges in Idaho are now providing technology assistance to students – laptops included.   Lucky for Idahoans,  the Gem state is coming  of age both digitally and economically.  Feel free to peruse our list of colleges in Idaho that offer laptops to students.

Idaho State University

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Pocatello, Idaho

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Idaho State University is a public four-year research institution based in Pocatello. It was founded in 1901 and...Read More

Brigham Young University Idaho

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Brigham Young University is a big name in education. The school brings a focus on leadership through spirituality....Read More
Online Colleges in Idaho