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Alabama has a history as an integral part of the United States. It also has a few misunderstandings when it comes to outsiders.  Many would be shocked to know that due to NASA, Huntsville, Alabama is considered a “smart-city” in the USA.   The colleges and schools throughout the state are also well known; few people haven’t heard the call “Roll Tide!” There are many online colleges in Alabama that also cater to Alabama residents as well.

Athens State University

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Athens, Alabama

Athens State University is an upper-level institution offering degree programs in business, arts & sciences, and education. It...Read More

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Non Sponsored School

Birmingham, Alabama

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The University of Alabama at Birmingham is a part of the “University of Alabama System”. It was established...Read More

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Alabama State University

Non Sponsored School

Montgomery, Alabama

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Alabama State University is a public black university based in Montgomery. It is a higher learning institute and...Read More

Amridge University

Non Sponsored School

Montgomery, Alabama

Chromebook, Dell

Founded in 1967, Amridge University is a non-profit private university affiliated with the Church of Christ. Their curriculum...Read More

Auburn University

Non Sponsored School

Auburn, Alabama

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Auburn University at Montgomery is the metropolitan campus of AU, a land-grant institution. With 500-acres of campus, just...Read More
Online Colleges in Alabama