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March 11, 2022

When most people think of “AutoCorrect,” they envision the not-so-accurate texting feature on their smartphones that murders normal sentences every chance it gets. For the purpose of this guide though, we’re going to explore the time-saving AutoCorrect feature on Microsoft Word. If you can learn to use this amazing tool to your advantage, you can significantly improve the speed of your essay writing. Procrastination just even easier!

Here is a look at how AutoCorrect on MS Word can help you become a faster writer.

What Is AutoCorrect on MS Word?

The AutoCorrect feature on Microsoft Word is essentially a customizable dictionary that you can use to correct your most common typos. It already has a number of corrections built-in, but you can add more to the system to avoid continually retyping certain words. As AutoCorrect learns more about your specific typing skills, it will make adjustments on its own and improve your writing even further.

Commonly misspelled words like “receive” or “souvenir” are already in the AutoCorrect dictionary based on the various spellings people often used for them. For words that you have a hard time with, you can create an AutoCorrect option just for you. Let’s say, for instance, that you always spell “exercise” as “ecxersize.” You can set a correction for that word specifically so you will never have to worry about misspelling it in the future. Continually build up your AutoCorrect dictionary, and you could soon cut minutes or even hours out of your typing time.

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How to Customize AutoCorrect on MS Word

There are two ways to customize your AutoCorrect features. When a word you commonly misspell is underlined in red (to indicate a speling error), you can right click on it and hover over the AutoCorrect option that appears. This will bring up a dropdown menu of possible words to correct it to. If there are no words available or the word you need is not on the list, you can select “AutoCorrect Options” in the dropdown menu to create your own correction.

Another way to get to the same section of MS Word is to go to your “File” tab in the upper left corner and click on “Options.” From there, you will select the “Proofing” tab, then hit the “AutoCorrect Options” button in the AutoCorrect section. You can add whatever you want to the system, save your changes, and watch as MS Word starts saving you time on your essays.

Unleash the Full Time-Saving Power of AutoCorrect

Here are some quick tips to ensure that you get the most out of AutoCorrect:

  • Use AutoCorrect as often as possible, even for words that you do not use often. You never know when you might come across that word in the future.
  • Create shortcuts for long words that you do not want to type out every single time. You could even set up corrections for words like “with” so that every time you type a standalone “w” it corrects to “with.” Make your own shorthand to cut your time back dramatically.
  • Avoid AutoCorrecting words with multiple “common spellings” so you don’t correct your AutoCorrects. Example: “fo” could turn to “of” or “for.”
  • Explore the other tabs in the AutoCorrect options area, like AutoFormat. This could save you from typing out certain punctuations or spacings that you need regularly.
  • If the built-in AutoCorrects do not match your typos, correct them in the Options section early on.
  • Proofread your writing even with AutoCorrect so you don’t end up with an embarrassing sentence on your essays.

Take some time to really get a feel for AutoCorrect, and you’ll be amazed by how much writing time you’ll save in the long run.