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April 28, 2023

When taking classes online it’s safe to say that a computer is essential. A tablet can be somewhat too small to encompass all of your needs and a desktop doesn’t allow for much portability. A laptop provides a comfortable size and storage space for any project, while it can be carried and used anywhere as long as its charged. However, there are several different types of laptops to choose from, one of the hottest new features available is a touch screen adding tablet accessibility  to a solid machine, but it can be pricey. Should you spring for it, or stick with the classic? Let’s take a look.

Pros of Touch Screen Laptops

There are a large number of positives associated with touch screen laptops; positives that may be useful to online college students. For one, any student that needs to use art programs, such as Photoshop and similar programs, on a consistent basis will find that touch screen laptops offer extremely useful functionality, as sketching images, zooming in and out and resizing pictures is very simple and easy to do with a touch screen. For any online college student, touch screens are highly convenient and intuitive to use, with most screen functions being faster to use than their keyboard counterparts. Interacting with elements on the screen tends to feel quite natural and precise, particularly if using a stylus. It’s easy to switch between apps and utilize gestures in order to work efficiently, something that is essential when attending online college. The time that using a touch screen saves over using a standard laptop can prove highly beneficial when taking time-consuming online courses.

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Cons of Touch Screen Laptops

While there are plenty of pros of touch screen laptops, there are also a few cons that you should be aware of. For instance, all touch screen laptops will need to be cleaned regularly, as smudges and fingerprints will appear on the screen all the time. While this is easily remedied by cleaning the screen each morning before taking your classes, the task of cleaning the screen can be tedious and a bit too time-consuming for students that are taking online classes full-time. It’s also important to note that touch screen laptops typically cost quite a bit more than laptops without touch screen functionality, sometimes around $100 to $200 more. Many users of touch screen laptops have also reported that their arms can become tired after a sizable amount of usage, which could prove frustrating when taking online courses. Touch screen laptops have been known to have somewhat shorter battery lives as well. While this isn’t a problem for students that keep their laptop plugged in and charging quite often, students that take their laptop to other locations when doing classwork may find this annoying.


When it comes to the question of do you need a touch screen laptop for your online college needs, the answer largely depends on what those needs are. Art majors and anyone that wants to save as much time as possible when taking classes should definitely consider a touch screen laptop. It’s not necessary, but it may prove useful in helping you navigate a busy schedule more efficiently. However, if you’re on a tight budget or don’t want to have the responsibility of cleaning the screen on a regular basis, then a standard laptop without touchscreen still offers all of the features you need.