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April 26, 2023

Tour guides at the Belle Meade Plantation in Nashville tell the sad tale of what happens when someone fails to see the signs of change. At the stables, a champion stud started the Harding family’s historic rise to success in the late 1800s when horse racing became popular in the United States. Without noticing that the public preferred automobile racing instead, the owners failed to prepare for change. The stables produced a bloodline that eventually created legendary champions that include Affirmed, Man-O-War, Sea Biscuit, Seattle Slew, Secretariat and War Admiral. However, the family went bankrupt around the turn of the century.

Leaving the Past Behind
The signs of the need to change that come with automation, remote work and e-commerce tell you everything you need to know about your current job not having a future. Bankruptcy filings by J.C. Penney and Brooks Brothers reflect the trend to e-commerce that limits retail sales positions. You can expect offices to automate administrative support functions to reduce labor costs, limiting opportunities for those without a college degree. Employment in maintenance and security must lessen as office buildings and retail stores become scarcer.

Choosing to Prepare for New Roles & Responsibilities
Education gives you a key to a future with unlimited potential, and no one can ever take it away from you. When you learn something, it belongs to you forever. Unskilled labor may come and go, but a college degree gives you an advantage in the upcoming job market.

Health Care Administration
Courses in decision-making, information technology, automation, and medical coding can start to prepare you to qualify for health care management and administration roles. Your curriculum may include budgeting, human resources, finance, marketing and computer information systems.

Fields like software, electrical, civil and mechanical engineering offer challenges and rewards that embody the designation of “professional engineer”. A demanding curriculum includes calculus, physics, algebra, logic, statistics, computer architecture, quality assurance and other courses that expand your knowledge. In 2023, you can start preparing for a profession that may last a lifetime.

Mathematics and Statistical Science
Big data provides access to information that guides every industry, government office and educational institution. Advanced technology provides access to big data that informs decisions in todays digital economy. Knowledge of storing collected data and analyzing it requires high-level courses in algorithms, cloud computing, programming, machine learning and scalable querying. The extensive study of sophisticated methodology can start after you complete the requirements of a bachelor’s degree.

Preparing for a Bright Future
From the comfort of your home and the convenience of your computer, you can start gathering college credits in 2023. Courses enable you to qualify for responsible positions in fields that have a high level of demand. In today’s hybrid/remote world, online students have an edge over students that experience an on-campus, four-year experience. Opportunity awaits. While you keep your current side-hustle, you can take one or more online courses at a time and earn a degree sooner than you may think possible.