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About the School:

Online middle, high and elementary school provides free laptop and internet stipend to every student Unlike attending a Wisconsin school district, if you attend school online, you need a computer with Internet access. eAchieve Academy provides laptops to full-time Wisconsin online elementary, middle and high school students absolutely free. At the end of the school year, the laptop is yours to keep

Laptop Programs:

Full-time eAchieve Academy students who are enrolled at the start of the school year are able to purchase a laptop worth up to $400 through Milwaukee PC at no cost to the family. eAchieve Academy will pay the bill as long as the student remains enrolled and in good standing. Students who enroll after school has started for the year will need to supply their own computer until next school year. They will be eligible for a school-funded laptop at the start of the new academic year.If you would like to purchase a more expensive laptop from Milwaukee PC, eAchieve Academy will contribute $400 toward the purchase. The family is responsible for paying the difference up front.If a student withdraws from eAchieve Academy before the end of the school year (either voluntarily or involuntarily), you have the option of either paying the outstanding balance and keeping the laptop or returning it to Milwaukee PC.Milwaukee PC will provide technical support and repair services, including a loaner laptop if necessary, for any hardware or operating system problems.Additional details are provided to families in July so they can have their laptops by mid-August.

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