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About the School:

West Liberty University is the oldest college in West Virginia. It was established in 1837, 26 years before the state joined the Union. WLU offers a variety of degree programs for students in West Virginia, with most of them focusing on health care and business administration. This school in particular is known for its extensive scholarship program.

Laptop Programs:

WLU's Student Laptop Program is designed to give students access to computers they need to complete their degrees. Only business majors are required to participate in the program, but students from other majors use the opportunities provided by the school. Some students receive extra software on their laptops pertaining to their degrees, like Adobe for graphic design majors. Select degree programs may involve an iPad 2 instead of a laptop.

Degrees and Programs Offered:

Accounting, Broadcasting, Business Administration, Chemistry, Computer Information Systems, Creative Art Therapy, Criminal Justice, Dental Hygiene, Elementary Education, English, Finance, Geography, Graphic Design, Health Care Management, History, International Studies, Marketing, Microbiology, Music, Nursing, Physical Education, Psychology, Public Relations, Special Education, Sports Management, Theater



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