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About the School:

Weber State University is a public university in Ogden, Utah. It was founded in 1889 as Weber Stake Academy. It gained university status 29 years ago in 1991, when it was renamed to its current name of Weber State University. It is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Laptop Programs:

Laptop Checkout

What is Laptop Checkout?

Laptop checkout is a program available to students through the Weber State Computer Labs. Allowing students to borrow a laptop computer for up to four hours at a time, giving students the ability to take a laptop to class, work on homework, etc. *If four hours isn't enough you can call the lab you checked out from and ask for a four-hour extension!  

What are some details on the computer?

Our current laptop checkout computers are Asus Chromebooks or 11” Macbook airs. The computers have full wireless Internet access through WSU secure, as well as Microsoft Office, Minitab, SPSS and more.

Where can I check out a computer?

It is currently available in the following computer labs:
  • Union
  • Elizabeth Hall
  • DCHP
  • Social Science
  • Science Learning Center
  • Tracy Hall
  • Davis D2 & D3
*You must return the computer to the lab you checked it out from.

How do I check out a computer?

In order to check out a laptop, you must first electronically sign the Equipment Checkout Contract. After signing the contract, you go to any of the Labs listed above, with two forms of ID and your W number and the lab aide will take care of the rest.          

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