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Laptop Programs:

The Student Laptop Program is a complete computer solution for all students. Although the University does not sell computers, we do have a special agreement with Dell to offer computers at discount prices for University of Scranton students. Our Dell laptops offer Dell's Complete Care and full technical support, as well as solid business-level hardware and specifications that will work for you over the long haul. Macs have long been known for their ease of use and resistance to spyware and viruses.
Please review the information below for specific information. Have more questions? Review our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact the Technology Support Center at  570-941-HELP or [email protected].

Students are not required to bring a computer to campus, except for those students enrolled in the Kania School of Management. All incoming freshmen students enrolled in Kania are required to have a laptop computer.

If you intend to bring a computer to campus, the computer must meet these minimum requirements:

  • Windows 10 preferred or Mac OS 10.10 or higher (English versions only)
  • Intel Core2 Duo processor or higher
  • 4GB RAM (memory) or higher
  • 160 GB Hard Drive or higher
  • DVD +/- RW (optional)
  • Ethernet Network Card and Cat5 Network cable
  • 802.11 n wireless card
  • University approved AntiVirus Program (recommended): For PC, Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender (comes pre-installed on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10). For Macintosh, Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac are recommended and free to download.
  • Anti-Spyware software: Spyware and adware are one of our biggest concerns. To protect your computer, install and run one of the many free anti-spyware programs available online.

The following program is highly recommended and free:

  • Microsoft Office Professional products are free to download once you receive your scranton.edu email address. There is no need to purchase these separately. Visit www.scranton.edu/office365 for more information.


    Students can customize certain options for the two specially configured laptops noted below, or they can shop the Dell catalog. For more information visit www.dell.com/scranton. You may find these specially configured laptops when selecting "Click here for University of Scranton recommended laptops". In addition to a University discount, be on the lookout for additional promotions. May 1, 2019 promotion: Buy one of the recommended PC's and receive a $100 Dell Promo eGift Card.
    • Latitude 5400 series (14" screen)
    • Latitude 5500 series (15" screen with a numeric keypad)
    • Base configuration is as follows:
      • Windows 10 Pro
      • Intel Core i5
      • 8GB Memory
      • 500GB Hard Drive
      • 3 year Hardware Warranty
      • 3 year Accidental Damage Service
      • *We recommend extending the warranties to 4 years
    • 13" with Retina Display, i5, approx. $2400 with Apple Care warranty
    • The Macbook is small and light, but powerful enough to take care of every student's academic needs at school. The bright 13" LED screen is perfect for movies and photos and the thinner lighter case is made from sleek aluminum.
    • You can order from the Apple Store for Education to receive student discounts.
    • Base configuration is as follows:
      • Intel Core i5 processor
      • 8GB RAM
      • 1TB hard drive
      • HD Camera
      • Apple Care We recommend you purchase a Dell 4-year warranty, plus 4-year Complete Care Accidental Damage warranty. Our experience has shown that this warranty coverage is well worth it - we see dozens of spills and drops every year, resulting in damage to system boards that can cost between $700-$800 without Accidental Damage. Apple does not offer Accidental Damage, but their standard warranty is only one year - we highly recommend extending AppleCare to at least 3 years.
        • Visit dell.com/scranton to view and order one of the specially configured laptops or to purchase any other DELL system.
        • Apple computers can be also be purchased at a discount from the Apple Education Store.
        Please note: There are some major differences in the support that we can provide, and it is important for students to know these differences before they make their decision. View our laptop comparison page.
    Laptop support is available through our Technology Support Center to all students who need help with connection issues, malware removal and software related problems. We do not provide hardware or operating system support. Hardware warranty repairs are available for students who purchased a Dell or Mac laptop with a valid warranty. The University of Scranton is an Authorized Dell and Apple Warranty Repair Center. If your computer needs service:
    • Students must remain with their laptop while service is being performed. Laptops cannot be left and picked up later.
    • Students are responsible for backing up all their data and files before bringing their laptops for service.
    • Bring all of your documents, program disks and original paperwork to campus, as it is sometimes necessary to have these in order to fix a problem.
    Contact the Technology Support center at 570-941-HELP for Dell or Apple software problems or warranty hardware repairs.


    We make every reasonable effort to resolve your computer problem but cannot guarantee that we will be able to successfully get your computer connected to our network or to fix every problem. The University of Scranton is not responsible for any loss of personal data or software not originally installed on the computer which may occur during the repair process. Certain repairs including, but not limited to, virus and spyware removal may damage software and/or data installed on your computer. University of Scranton IT technicians will take every precaution to prevent any loss of data but if such data were to be lost, the technicians will not be held responsible for any data loss.

To know more about laptop programs, click here.