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About the School:

The University of Alabama in Huntsville is known to be the best public university in Alabama based on the economic outcomes of its students. After graduating, students typically start with a higher average of $57,000 per annum salary, which is comparably more than most of their peers across the state. UAH’s most popular degree programs are in engineering, business, health, computer science, and biological sciences.

The university also has a strong presence in research and development. It has 17 high-tech research centers and labs and spends approx.—$ 110 million in research expenditures. UAH’s research center collaborates with around 300 tech companies in the aerospace and defense sectors.

Online presence:

UAH currently offers 23 online programs. Some are entirely online, and some may require on-campus meetings. The courses are provided via a combination of multiple online platforms such as Canvas, Panopto, and Zoom.

The online courses offered are:

  • Business: supply chain & logistics management, information systems, masters of business administration.
  • Education: elementary, secondary, reading, autism spectrum disorders, English speaking of other languages.
  • Engineering: engineering management, industrial engineering, operations research, systems engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace systems engineering.
  • Interdisciplinary: Cybersecurity, software engineering.
  • Nursing: nursing education, nursing (RN), nursing administration, doctor of nursing practice, joint nursing science.
  • Professional studies: professional studies, leadership strategies, and dynamics, organizational studies.

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