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About the School:

Nestled at the base of the Bighorn Mountains, Sheridan College provides a wide variety of academic offerings, a modern state-of-the-art campus, and a breathtaking location for year-round active lifestyles.

Laptop Programs:

Students enrolled in programs that mandate the use of a laptop are entitled to a free emergency loaner laptop for a duration of 7 days per term. Emergency usage is intended for academic requirements such as quizzes, tests, presentations and assignments in the event the student's 'bring-your-own laptop (BYOL) unit fails. This is applicable to all students in a BYOL program. Loaner Laptops Details: *Loaners will be issued up to a maximum of 7 calendar days per semester per student—they can be split into multiple occurrences but total days cannot exceed 7 days (e.g. seven instances lasting one day each; two instances - one of 3 days and another of 4 days; etc.) *The loan of a laptop for several hours on a particular day will be counted as one full day loan *Emergency loaners are for students only and they must be in school (i.e. not on vacation or co-op) *Emergency loaners will not be available during the break weeks between semesters *Laptops kept longer than 7 days (cumulative) will be subject to a late return penalty fees as follows: -On the 8th day if laptop is still not returned, the student will be charged the full list price of the borrowed laptop -Upon return of the laptop, the charge for the laptop will be reversed, but the student will have to pay a late fee of $100 plus $10 for each day the laptop is late. *Due to limited inventory, a loaner laptop is not guaranteed. *To receive an emergency loaner laptop, eligible students should visit the IT Service Bookings page to schedule a pick-up appointment. Note, you will need to present a valid Sheridan onecard when you go to pick-up your loaner laptop. If you don’t arrive within 10 minutes of your appointment you may have to schedule another.

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