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Laptop Programs:

Learning Anytime, Anywhere

The Mobile Learning @ The Hill Program provides Seton Hill's academic community with 24/7 access to a world of learning, in addition to the tools they need to engage in it fully. Through this program, faculty are provided with a MacBook Air and the training to integrate mobile technology resources into the academic environment. All traditional full-time undergraduate students receive a MacBook Air.  

Mobile Learning @ the Hill Technology By Program

  • Traditional full-time undergraduate students (all academic programs): MacBook Air
  • M.S. in Physician Assistant (graduate) students: MacBook Air
  • M.A. in Art Therapy (graduate) students: MacBook Air
  • M.S. in Orthodontics (graduate) students: MacBook Air

Innovative Teaching & Learning Center

Seton Hill’s Innovative Teaching & Learning Center supports faculty and students in the appropriate use of technologies to enrich and expand the teaching and learning experience.

Apple Care

Seton Hill’s Information Technology staff maintain self-servicing status with Apple. This means that students, faculty and staff:
  • Don’t need to leave campus to receive Apple support.
  • Will be provided with a “loaner” MacBook Air to replace a MacBook Air that cannot be serviced right away.


Seton Hill Recognized by Apple for the 6th Time!

Apple has named Seton Hill an Apple Distinguished School for the fifth time, for a period of three years (2019 - 2022). The Apple Distinguished School designation is reserved for programs that are recognized centers of educational excellence and leadership. The ebook "Mobile Learning @ the Hill: Moving Forward" provides insight into how Seton Hill developed its mobile learning program, and includes practical examples for using mobile technology for teaching and learning.   Links: Solution Center at (724) 830-1805 or [email protected].    

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