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About the School:

Rock Valley College is a comprehensive two-year community college in Rockford, Illinois, offering more than 100 courses for transfer, career programs and certificates. Rock Valley College is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Rock Valley College is also recognized by the Illinois Board of Higher Education and by the Illinois Community College Board.

Laptop Programs:

How do you borrow a laptop?

  1. Bring your valid student ID to the EAGLE Support office (ERC 2402) to see if a laptop is available.
  2. If a laptop is available, complete a Deposit Form for Laptop Rental.
  3. Take the completed Deposit Form for Laptop Rental to the Accounts Receivable department (located on the second floor of the Student Center) and pay the $50 fee for the semester.
  4. Take your receipt to EAGLE Support and complete a Liability and Rental Agreement Form.
  5. Inspect the laptop and its components (allow 15 minutes) and, if desired, download Office 365 (allow 20 minutes).
Those who leave Rochester before reaching this benchmark or downgrade to part-time enrollment must pay for the laptop in full. Additionally, students with laptop holds who request transcripts must pay for the laptop in full before they may receive their transcripts.

To know more about laptop programs, click here.