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About the School:

Riverland Community College is a public community college with three campuses in southeastern Minnesota: Albert Lea, Austin, and Owatonna. Founded in 1940, Riverland offers a variety of educational programs and courses to over 4,900 students annually through traditional, hybrid, and online delivery systems.

Laptop Programs:

Students who take more than 6 credits per semester are required to lease a laptop from the College or purchase their own laptop. Students taking 6 or fewer credits may decide whether to lease a laptop or purchase their own. Any student enrolled in an Albert Lea accounting class or a class that states a laptop is required, is required to lease or purchase a laptop. What is the fee for a loaner computer? If you need a loaner laptop, the cost is $10 per day or $18 per week. This fee can be paid at the bookstore and the laptop picked up at MIS. When is orientation? Do I have to attend? Laptop orientations are scheduled before the beginning of each semester. Each student is required to attend one laptop orientation per year. May I install personal software on the computer? Leased laptops may have software installed. Copyright laws must be followed. In the event of a software or hardware problem with the machine, the Help Desk may need to restore the hard drive to its original configuration. It is the student's responsibility to backup his/her data. May students who are not in a "laptop major" lease a laptop? Yes, other students will have the opportunity to lease a laptop on a first-come, first-served basis if there are extra machines. These will be leased after the first full week of class.

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