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Student Computing Initiative (SCI)

The Student Computer Initiative (SCI) program offers laptop computers that are recommended for academic use at Princeton University, specially priced for Princeton students, and expertly supported by Office of Information Technology staff.
SCI computers offer the convenience of on-campus technical support and 3 year warranties negotiated in the price of each computer.

Degrees and Programs Offered:

Frequently Asked Question about Purchasing Computers

Who Can buy an SCI computer?All active and enrolled Princeton undergraduate and graduate students may purchase a computer through this program. The SCI program doesn't determine eligibility. The best way to determine eligibility is to attempt to log into the SCI Store. Ineligible individuals will be unable to log into the site. The SCI program reserves the right to delete an order if an individual's status changes or if he or she is to be ineligible. (E-mail [email protected] for more information.)Students are not limited to one SCI computer, but certain restrictions apply. Financial Aid and loans may only be used once to purchase an SCI computer. For questions regarding purchasing a second SCI computer, or to enable your account to purchase a second SCI computer, please contact the Support and Operations Center at 609-258-4357(HELP) or [email protected]Seniors - Seniors are eligible to purchase a computer up until their status changes on or just before Commencement, but are restricted after November due to billing constraints. Seniors may call the Support and Operations Center at 609-258-4357(HELP) or email [email protected] for assistance ordering an SCI laptop from November until late May.New students -  New students can log into the online SCI Store to purchase an SCI computer once they receive their Princeton University netID and password.  New students should wait and purchase their computers from the SCI program specific to their incoming year.Bridge Year students -  Students participating in the Bridge Year program are strongly encouraged not to purchase a computer at this time. If you are a Bridge Year participant and have questions about purchasing a computer please call the Support and Operations Center at 609-258-4357(HELP).Visiting Student Research Collaborator (VSRC)  -  Individuals admitted as a Visiting Student Research Collaborator are not eligible to purchase an SCI computer.When can I buy from SCI?The SCI store will be open for the 2019-20 academic year from July 1, 2019 until June 2, 2020. SCI computers may be ordered at anytime while the store is open. How much will the SCI computers cost, and what are the configurations?Model configurations and prices for the 2019-20 SCI year can be obtained by logging into the SCI Store. If you are a member of the incoming freshman class or are an incoming graduate student, a mailing from the Office of Information Technology is sent in early June which includes SCI model specification and pricing details. How can I pay for my SCI computer?There are three payment options to purchase an SCI computer:Financial Aid: If you may choose the Financial Aid option if you are receiving financial aid or if you wish to use eligible scholarship money.Student Account: You may charge the purchase to your student account.Credit Card: SHI is a 3rd party reseller SCI has partnered with and will handle credit card sales for SCI computers. Seniors: After October 15 seniors may only purchase using a credit card. If the student has FA or scholarship funds available, the order must be approved by the Office of Financial Aid before ordering. Can I use the SCI discount with any other discount?The prices for SCI are specifically negotiated with the vendors for Princeton students and cannot be combined with any other offer (such as Dell coupons or the Apple back-to-school discount or advertised offers). Apple or Dell is offering a free item with orders, can I get that with my SCI order?The SCI program is designed to give you a great laptop at a good price that is specially configured with software, networking, and warranty to help you get the most from your studies at Princeton. SCI computers cannot be combined with other offers from our vendors. Do you sell printers?Printers are not part of the SCI program. You are welcome to purchase one on your own, but we recommend you wait to see if you need one. OIT provides quality laser printers for student use in residential colleges and in other locations on campus. 
Can I choose other models or configurations?Only the model configurations listed in the SCI store are available for purchase using your student account or financial aid. 
Is there any software pre-installed?SCI computers arrive with the current version of OS X or Windows 10 Pro. No other software other than that normally provided by Apple or Microsoft will be installed. Students are entitled to install Office 365 at no charge. Information is available in the Princeton OIT KB. The searchable KB and much more information is available at Princeton Service Portal. When will the SCI charges appear on my Student Account bill?If you selected the Student Account option, you will see the charges for your computer purchase after the University receives notification from the vendor that your computer has been shipped. If you selected the Financial Aid option, you will receive further information from the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid. Is there a charge for shipping/Where can I have my SCI computer shipped?There is no charge for shipping.SCI computers may only be shipped to addresses in the 50 states. If you live in a US territory or have an international address you will need to wait until you are at Princeton.SCI computers should arrive in 2 weeks or less if coming from Apple or Dell.  SHI is a 3rd party and shipping questions should be directed to them at the time of the order. Can I return my SCI for any reason after it ships?All sales are between the purchaser and the vendor. Dell will allow returns for up to 30 days after the ship date. Apple only allows returns for laptops that arrive defective or damaged in shipment. Apple orders may be cancelled until the SCI laptop is in the shipping phase. Returns, cancellations, and credits are at the discretion of Dell or Apple.Link(s): https://princeton.service-now.com/kb_view.do?sysparm_article=KB0010245https://princeton.service-now.com/kb_view.do?sysparm_article=KB0010320