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Morningside College provides every full-time undergraduate student with a laptop computer and the software needed to complete their college coursework. Students receive an Apple MacBook Air with either the Windows 10 or the Apple OS operating system installed. Through their two-year technology refresh program, students can turn in their initial laptop at the beginning of their junior year to receive a brand-new laptop. The second laptop is the students to keep upon graduation. Morningside College also offers a full-service computer repair department on campus that is partly staffed by college students. Loaner laptops are available while repairs are being made.

About the School:

Morningside College is a liberal arts school affiliated with the United Methodist Church. The school was established in 1894 and has been serving the Sioux City community for 120 years now. The student population here is over 1,200, with most of the students coming from Iowa and Nebraska. MC maintains a small student-to-instructor ratio of 13:1.

Laptop Programs:

Full-time students are issued a loaner laptop to use while they attend Morningside College. The school offers new computers to those students every two years. The laptops are complete with a software suite and a three year parts and labor warranty. Technical support is available on campus.

Degrees and Programs Offered:

Art, Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Computer Science, Education, English, History, International Affairs, Music, Nursing, Political Science, Psychology, and Religious Studies.



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