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About the School:

Miami University is a public research university in Oxford, Ohio. The university was founded in 1809, although classes were not held until 1824. Miami University is the second-oldest university in Ohio and the 10th oldest public university in the United States.

Laptop Programs:

Miami University's Student Laptop Program

The Miami Student Laptop Program: Proven to enhance the student computing experience.

What are the advantages of the Miami Student Laptop Program?
  • The very best laptops configured to meet your academic and lifestyle needs for up to four years.
  • On-campus support and service provided by certified technicians, employed by the Miami University Campus Store.
  • Access to loaner laptops if your laptop needs to be repaired.
  • A software image pre-installed.
  • Get an academic discount, plus the extras you cannot get anywhere else.
  • The confidence of purchasing your laptop from the university owned Campus Store.

    Price Comparisons

    Miami University has worked closely with Apple and Dell to configure all Student Laptop Program models to include the features we believe are most likely to meet students’ needs for up to four years. Leveraging the university's purchasing power, the University Campus Store has negotiated excellent pricing for these models. To help evaluate price, we offer comparisons of the Student Laptop Program pricing vs. retail and education prices. The Student Laptop Program price for each model includes a one-time $26.00 fee that is used to fund the purchase of laptops for the loaner pool. Data below reflects research using each vendor’s web site in April 27, 2018. Prices and configuration are subject to change.


You may purchase a laptop as part of the Student Laptop Program any time of year, but there are certain times that are more popular than others.
  • In April and May - It is very common for students to receive a Laptop as a graduation gift. Many parents and grandparents place either online or phone orders for home delivery.
  • In June during Orientaion - During the month of June, every accepted student will visit Miami for orientation. At this time, you will have the opportunity to come to the Shriver Center and visit the Campus Store. We will have each model in stock and you will be able to take your new laptop home with you at that time. This will give you the opportunity to become familiar with your new laptop before you come to school in the fall. There are also peripheral and software packages available to round out everything you will need to start college.
  • In August - Some students purchase their laptop just before the start of the semester.
  • Prior to Graduation - Once you graduate and leave Miami, educational discounts are no longer available. Many students buy a laptop in their last few weeks at Miami to take advantage of the savings prior to graduation.

How to purchase laptop as part of the Student Laptop Program

Campus Store Phillip R. Shriver Center 701 East Spring Street Oxford, Ohio 45056 Order Online Visit the Campus Store's web site and place your order by following this link. Order by phone Monday - Friday 8:30 am- 5:00 pm (513) 529-2634 (513) 529-1538


Whether you choose an Apple or Dell laptop, the software you need to connect to Miami's wired and wireless network comes pre-installed on laptops purchased as part of the Miami Student Laptop Program. We also install software that makes it easier to use your laptop at Miami. Windows Software
  • Microsoft Office 365 -.Microsoft's latest version of its productivity suite is better than ever. Individual student license activation required.
  • Adobe Software installed includes Acrobat Reader, Flash Player and Shockwave.
  • Cisco AnyConnect -Virtual Private Network (VPN) client establishes a secure connection to Miami's on-campus network from off-campus locations, such as your home, an off-campus apartment, or a coffee shop.
  • Google Chrome and Google File Stream - Google Browser and Google's replacement for Google Drive (Data Storage).
  • FireFox - Alternative Browser to Google Chrome.
  • iTunes and iCloud - Media player and data storage. Apple ID and iTunes account required.
  • Other software: 7-Zip, Imgburn, Java, Read&Write, Skype Classic, VLC Media Player.
Mac Software
  • Microsoft Office 365 -.Microsoft's latest version of its productivity suite is better than ever. Individual student license activation required.
  • Cisco AnyConnect - Virtual Private Network (VPN) client establishes a secure connection to Miami's on-campus network from off-campus locations, such as your home, an off-campus apartment, or a coffee shop.
  • ClamXav - Anti Virus and Anti Malware software.
  • Dropbox - Data storage similar to Google Drive and Apple iCloud.
  • Google Chrome and Firefox - Alternate web browsers.
  • Read Write Gold - software with tools designed for reading, writing, study, and research support.
  • uPrint - Print software to print to university printers in areas like the library.


    What else does Miami provide to enhance your laptop experience?
    On campus hardware repair - The University Campus Store is a certified repair depot for Dell and Apple. If you have a hardware problem with your laptop from the Student Laptop Program, certified technicians provide repair services to you under the vendor's warranty, which means there is no charge to you.  
    Loaner Laptops - If your laptop from the Student Laptop Program needs to undergo a prolonged repair while you are on campus, you'll be given a loaner notebook* to use until your Laptop is repaired. In rare instances, loaner demand may exceed the supply. If that occurs, we will maintain a wait-list and fulfill loaner requests as quickly as loaners are returned. To avoid this situation, please consider having your laptop serviced at the time that the problem occurs; do not wait until the beginning or end of the semester, as this introduces a longer wait for repairs and, in some cases, a loaner may not be immediately available.
    Pre-configured for Miami - Laptops purchased as part of the Student Laptop Program come ready for use at Miami and include a variety of tools that are needed to access Miami services and network. The software page contains a more comprehensive list of these tools.
    Discounts on out-of-warranty repairs - It is our sincerest hope that your computer never needs out-of-warranty service. Unfortunately, our experience shows that no matter how excellent the computer, there are still situations in which you may need help with a repair that goes beyond the warranty (such as removing malware or viruses, getting windows installed on a Mac, or upgrading the operating system).
    Accidental Damage Protection. Accidents do happen. If one happens to the laptop you purchased as part of the laptop program, you can have it repaired as part of your warranty. Apple laptops are covered with AppleCare+ and Dell laptops have Premium Support Plus which includes accidental damage coverage.
    Full service vendor warranty - Traveling during a semester break? Home for the summer? If you need vendor support while away from campus, laptops purchased as part of the Student Laptop Program is backed with premium support from Apple or Dell. You can have your laptop repaired by any certified Dell or Apple vendor in the U.S. The vendor warranty begins on the date of purchase or the date your new laptop ships from the Miami University Campus Store.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do any academic programs or majors recommend a specific laptop model? Some academic programs/majors recommend or require a specific platform (Windows or Mac) or specific advanced features (Example: Graphic Design recommends a laptop with a video card with more video RAM for graphics-intensive applications) in order to meet academic program needs. Please review the academic recommendations section.  
    I understand that the Farmer School Of Business recommends a Dell laptop, but I prefer a Mac. Can I purchase a Mac through the Student Laptop Program?
    Yes, the choice is yours. You can purchase any laptop model you like. Miami simply wants to be sure that you take the academic recommendation into account before purchasing. It is estimated that approximately 60% of business school students use a Mac. If you are a business student and purchase a Mac, you may need to install a Windows operating system on your Apple laptop.
    Is the Student Laptop Program a rental or lease program?
    No, when you purchase a laptop from the Student Laptop Program, the laptop is your property. It is similar to buying from an Apple store or Dell online.
    What is the Apple Back To School Promotion for 2019?
    Apple has not announced any promotion for 2019. If they have a promotion, it is traditionally announced in mid summer.
    What is the Dell Back To School Promotion for 2019?
    The Dell Back To School promotion is $100 back by rebate. Click here for details
    Can I use an iPad or netbook instead of a laptop?
    These devices are great accessories for a laptop and provide a new kind of mobility. However, a laptop is still necessary to succeed and perform many essential computing tasks that these other devices do not yet provide.
    What about theft?
    Mobility comes with the inherent danger of theft or loss. A few simple precautions can greatly reduce the chances of theft:
    Treat your laptop like your wallet or purse and keep it close to you at all times when you are carrying it around campus.
    When your laptop is on your desk in your residence hall room, use a laptop lock to secure it to your desk and lock your residence hall door when you leave your room.
    We strongly encourage parents speak with their insurance agent about options for enhancing coverage of your student's laptop under your homeowners or other personal property policy. You can often significantly reduce the deductible for a small additional yearly fee.
    What about accidental damage, such as drops and spills?
    Dell laptops include the Premium Support Plus warranty, which covers these types of accidental damage. Accidental damage coverage is limited to one per year.  Apple laptops include the Applecare+ warranty, which covers accidental damage, but does have a deductable. Warranty coverage is limited to two instances in three years. However, normal wear and tear and consumable parts, like batteries, are not covered by the warranty.
    Am I at a disadvantage if I don't purchase a laptop from the program?
    The Student Laptop program includes ongoing support services, access to a loaner computer, and pre-installed software catered to Miami's environment. Many of the pre-installed software applications are available to all Miami students via the Miami software download page (www.muohio.edu/software). However, students with non-Miami Notebook computers may find that some desired services are not available or require an additional fee.
    Does all the software I need as a Miami student come already installed on laptops from the program?
    Your laptop will come with all the software you need to connect to Miami's wired and wireless networks pre-installed. Please see the Software page on this web site for details. Microsoft Office is installed but requires activation. Miami strongly recommends that all students have Microsoft Office and has negotiated an agreement with Microsoft that allows students to get one license at no cost. This license is available to all Miami students.
    Your academic program may require additional software. Specialized software is provided in departmental/divisional computer labs and is often made available for purchase at an academic discount (or even lower) price through the  Campus Store.
    What do I do if my laptop needs repair while I am on campus?
    Visit MiTech inside the Campus Store in the Shriver Center.
    What if repairs are necessary when I am away from campus on a break?
    Your laptop is covered by a national warranty. Dell and Apple will honor your warranty anywhere in the U.S. If you are away from campus, you can contact Dell or Apple to receive warranty service and support.
    Are there financing options available to assist with the purchase a laptop from the program?
    First Miami Student & Alumni Federal Credit Union offers services to all of its members including computer loans. Membership is available to incoming students as well as currently enrolled students. For information about membership and services, please visit the First Miami web site. Additionally, you may pay by credit card (online or in the Campus Store). Technology purchases cannot be placed on your Bursar account.
    More Questions? Please email any additional questions to the Campus Store Staff.

Degrees and Programs Offered:

The Library (Middletown): iPad Program

Interested in borrowing an iPad for yourself or class, the Library Reserve Equipment policy provides guidelines on using these items.  

Who can check out iPads?
iPads are available to all Miami faculty, staff, and students in good standing, however the classroom iPad set may only be checked out by faculty and staff.

Where do I go to check out an iPad?
iPads will be available for check out from the InfoDesk in Gardner-Harvey Library. All classroom iPads have the same content pre-loaded onto them.

How long can I keep an iPad?
iPads can borrowed for 1 day. Renewals are not allowed. iPads must be returned in person to the InfoDesk. Please, do not return them using the book drop boxes. The borrower is responsible for any loss or damage to the iPad while in their possession.
The classroom set may be borrowed or used for more than one day if they are not needed in another class. The set may be picked up in the library or delivered to the class.

What are the fines and fees for overdue, lost or damaged iPads?
Patrons will be charged, up to and including total replacement costs, including all overdue charges and any processing fees, for lost, stolen, or damaged Library Reserve Equipment. For iPads the overdue charge is $2.50 per day to a maximum of $15.00. 10 days after the maximum overdue charge is reached, the borrower will be billed for the entire replacement cost of the item, including the maximum overdue charge, along with a processing fee.

Can I download any apps to the iPad?
Patrons may download apps to the device using their own iTunes account. These apps however, will not be permanently retained on the device and will be removed when the device is returned. We also welcome requests for new apps to be purchased. Please contact Chris Mull with any suggestions.

What if I left any documents or information on the iPad?
Patrons are responsible for deleting any personal information that may have been added to the device while in their possession before the device is returned. iPads are regularly restored to a default setting, deleting all data and apps from the previous users.
Link: https://libguides.lib.miamioh.edu/ipad/ipad_program 

To know more about laptop programs, click here.