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Law school students receive a free new laptop upon matriculation. Mercer University is focused on training students in the law profession. With nationally recognized programs and students that are prepared to practice and committed to serve their community, your education will carry you far throughout your life.

About the School:

Founded by Baptists in 1833, Mercer University is the oldest private research university in Georgia. Mercer has 12 colleges and schools and educates over 9,000 students annually. Students can enroll in subjects including arts, sciences, business, engineering, theology, law, medicine, and nursing. Mercer doesn’t have any standardized test review process. SAT or ACT scores aren’t the highest priority; rather, the university enrolls students based on several factors, including community involvement, leadership experience, essay responses, letters of recommendation, and more. Mercer is also very well-recognized for its financial aid policy. 90% of the students receive scholarships or financial support. Its endowment as of 2020 has surpassed $400 million.

Online Presence:

MU offers more than 30 of its courses completely online. Programs are at bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and specialist levels and are provided at 8-week periods. Available online programs include:
  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting, communication, criminal justice, family services, business, gerontology, homeland security, health, information technology, management, and marketing
  • Master’s degree in Christian ministry, criminal justice, elementary education, health, secondary education, software systems, and technical communication management
  • Doctoral degree in nursing
  • Specialist degree in elementary education
The complete list of courses can be found on MU’s program finder page.

Laptop Programs:

Students receive laptops during orientation.

Degrees and Programs Offered:

JD, LL.M. JD/MBA, Certificate in Advanced Legal Writing, Research and Drafting, Business Certificates, Law and Public Service

To know more about laptop programs, click here.