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About the School:

Maryville University is a nationally recognized private institution located just 22 miles from downtown St. Louis, Missouri. Maryville offers a comprehensive and innovative education focused on student learning, outcomes and success.

Laptop Programs:

What Is Maryville’s Digital World Program?

All traditional, full-time undergraduate students receive an iPad, free of charge. When you graduate, it’s yours to keep. No tricks, no hidden line items on your tuition bill. You’ll bring your iPad to every class, as it will contain your textbooks, class notes, homework – just about everything you’ll need for school. No misplaced papers, and fewer heavy textbooks to carry around campus. All of your critical notes and contacts are quickly accessible. Digital World classes are a collaboration between learner and professor. All of the world’s information is just one online search away, so our professors are adapting the way they teach. Digital World classes will have you working together with professors and your fellow students to tackle real-world challenges … which is ideal preparation for the job that awaits you after graduation.  


Why Am I Receiving An IPad From Maryville University?

You are receiving an iPad as part of Maryville’s Digital World program. Digital World was successfully piloted with first-year students over the 2015-16 academic year, and is being opened up to all traditional undergraduates and select graduate programs.

When Do I Receive My IPad?

Returning Students: You’ll receive your iPad from the Help Desk after you are registered as a full-time student for fall. New Students: You’ll receive your iPad during a START program.

What Makes This IPad Different Than A Normal IPad?

This iPad is a customized Maryville device that you use as part of your course studies. It contains the Maryville Cloud and will allow the university to provide you apps and digital content to support your classes. A regular iPad does not have these features, and such features cannot be added to personal devices. Also, your classes will be using the iPads considerably so you’ll want to bring it wherever you go.

Is The IPad Mine To Keep?

This iPad is technically the property of Maryville University until you graduate. Once you graduate, the device is yours to keep! If you transfer out of Maryville, you are required to return it to the university.

What Can I Put On The IPad?

The device is yours to customize and use for classes, FaceTime, or even Netflix. You are encouraged to use the technology for both school work and your personal life.

Can I “Jailbreak” The IPad?

No, that’s a big no-no. Please do not jailbreak the iPad.

Am I Being Monitored By The University?

No, you are not being monitored on your iPad. This is a “managed” device, which really just means that Maryville can push updates and apps to the devices for your benefit.

What If I Need Help?

Along with initial training on how to integrate the iPad in your classroom experience, if you ever need technical assistance, our IT staff is available to answer your questions. You may also visit the Apple Corps team, on the first floor of the library in the Division of Student Success.

I Am Transferring To Maryville University. Do I Receive An IPad?

If you’re a full-time, traditional undergraduate transfer, you’ll receive an iPad in August at orientation.

Am I Being Billed For This IPad?

No, you are not being billed for the iPad. It is part of your Maryville education and is being provided free to our students.

Can I Sell It?

Not now; you’re going to need it for your Digital World classes. However, you can sell it after you graduate, when it becomes your device.

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