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About the School:

Los Angeles Valley College is a public community college in the Valley Glen neighborhood of Los Angeles, California in the east-central San Fernando Valley. The school is a part of the Los Angeles Community College District. The community college is adjacent to Grant High School.

Laptop Programs:

Connect to Success — a new program to provide free laptops to every first-year students participating in LA’s College Promise. The Los Angeles College Promise (LACP) does not only provide free tuition fee (2 years) but also offers free laptops to first-time Angelino college students, to assist them in all their college needs. All laptops are loaded with OS, paired with one-year free tech support, hardware warranty and assistance to internet offers. Students can keep the laptop as long as they are fully-enrolled College Promise students.
Los Angeles College Promise (LACP) - provides support to first-time college students with a comprehensive strategy to complete a higher education degree, university transfer or workforce certificate in a timely manner. 
Los Angeles Valley College Library also offers a loaner's laptop. Laptops and Tablets are available for 3-hours checkout. 

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