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About the School:

Lesley University is a private university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

Laptop Programs:

College of Art and Design Computer Requirements MacBooks are required for most students at the College of Art and Design by the start of freshman year – requirements vary depending on each student's major. See below for specific technology needs by program. While students are welcome to purchase their machines at any vendor, Micros offers these benefits as part of the bundle: Warranty upgraded to 3 years (Apple Care/HP Care Pack) Accidental damage coverage for three years (drop protection!) Protective carrying case Loaner pool – Qty. 1 loaner per 25 units sold (this is applicable if the student has purchased their computer through Micros) Service your laptop by dropping it off at Lesley’s IT Dept, and Micros will pick it up from 815 Somerville Avenue and assess/fix. Recommended laptops for other students can be found on the Information Technology's page. Wireless networks are available in most classrooms and work-areas across campus. Your laptop can print or go online in almost any area of the school. If you who wish to expand your computer, look into options for more RAM or Storage. Please note that technology and software purchases qualify for educational rates. Ask for educational prices before purchasing. Contact your department’s faculty or Academic Computing before using alternative equipment or technology. We suggest getting extended AppleCare warranty (3 years phone and hardware support). It’s important to be covered for accidental damage, like equipment getting wet or dropped. If you have renter’s insurance, check to see if it covers accidental damage or contact these companies:
  • Worth Ave Group
  • Square Trade
  • Safe Ware

    Laptop Purchase Program

    Complete Hardware Support  
  • Convenient computer hardware problem resolution
  • Walk-in Repair Service Center at the Information Technology office, 815 Somerville Ave – second floor
  • Logistics handling for warranty repairs
  • Loaner machine while repairs are in progress.Lesley University students can download MS Office 365 at no cost!Via the Lesley University self-support site: microsoft-office-365-for-students. Extended Manufacturer's Warranty
  • 3 year accidental damage coverage, including spills & breakage - theft not included
  • Additional 4th year warranty coverage available as an optionIncluded Accessories
  • 10 ft Cat 6 network cable
  • Protective carry sleeveOptional Trade-in Offer Available Optional trade-In for the newer models offered is available throughout your 4 yearsConvenient Delivery All orders will be shipped directly to the student's mailing address. Link: https://www.microsnelaptops.com/lesley/store_start.aspx

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