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About the School:

Gordon is situated on 450 wooded acres three miles from the ocean and 25 miles from Boston

Gordon’s proximity to Boston connects students with some of the most vibrant workplaces in the country—in biotech, finance, education and engineering, among other fields—career paths Gordon students can explore through a range of internships and educational partnerships.

Laptop Programs:

Technology Discounts

*To access the cell phone discounts page, you must be a current Gordon student/staff/faculty.  

Laptops at Gordon
Because of how quickly technology changes, we recommend not purchasing new computers until after June first to ensure you get the latest model/best pricing. Although Gordon College does not require students to have computers, we do recommend that students come to campus with a laptop. Laptops enable anytime, anywhere learning. Gordon has complete wireless coverage in all the residence halls and over 150 wireless hotspots available in and around the academic buildings, allowing you to connect to the Internet from various locations. Bring your laptop to class, access your Blackboard class sites, use your free Microsoft Office 365 Subscription (see below for details) to prepare presentations and assignments, and bring your computer home over break to keep up with friends and get a head start on next semester's classes. When you want help with your laptop, it's easy to bring it to the Center for Technology Services Helpdesk in Jenks Library for support.
Most manufacturers allow an academic discount for college students; often, you only need to have a valid email address from a college to qualify. See these links for some discounted prices:

Should I purchase an Apple or Windows Computer?
At Gordon College, we support both the Windows and Macintosh operating systems. It is up to you to choose which one you wish to bring to Gordon.
Some things to consider when picking which type of computer to bring:
  • The platform (Windows/Mac) you are more comfortable using
  • Ask a professor in your major for recommendations
  • Support and warranty options available to you
While here at Gordon, you can get support for both Windows and Macintosh computers. However, you should consider the support options available when you are home on break or if you travel with the computer. Depending on your situation, you may get better support for one platform than for another.  

Loaner Laptops
If your computer has a problem, complimentary loaner laptops are available (first come, first served) while your computer is being repaired if your computer is still under the manufacturer's warranty.
If your computer is not under warranty, you can rent a loaner laptop for $5 per day.

Free Microsoft Office 365 Subscription
Office 365 allows you to use the latest Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc...) on up to five computers and full access to their smartphone and tablet apps, all for free. Click here for more information and how to download.

Adobe Creative Cloud & Other Software Products
Gordon College students, faculty, and staff are entitled to special pricing on Adobe Creative Cloud and other select software products using Gordon On-The-Hub. To order, you must have a Gordon College email address to register on Gordon On-The-Hub. Click here to navigate to Gordon On-The-Hub.

Anti-Virus Software
Gordon recommends Avast Anti-Virus Software, which is for non-commercial home use only. This means that students can install Avast on a personal computer that is not also being used for any commercial purposes. Click here to download, and then click here to register.

To know more about laptop programs, click here.