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About the School:

As one of the nation's leading liberal arts colleges, Denison University boasts generations of students who can attest to its effect on their lives. Each would cite a different reason. And they'd all be right, because Denison's liberal arts tradition and residential community create a college of endless personal possibilities.

At Denison, students have to step up—there's no hiding in the back of a 300-seat lecture hall, no anonymity, no flying under the radar. They matter as individuals, and they are prepared for lives of consequence by the best faculty—professors who know their stuff, know their students' names, and know how to inspire great things. And learning reaches outside the classrooms, labs, and studios, into the halls where students live, because this is a residential campus community, where students live and learn together, and where they embrace ideals of integrity, intellect, diversity, and respect for each other and the environment. The outcome is an old term that we take for granted: “well-rounded.” But consider what it means: Denison graduates have a voice. They can speak, write, listen, collaborate, innovate, take responsibility, solve, adapt, and lead. Americans change jobs, even careers, something like seven times during their lives—a number that seems likely to rise. The liberal arts' broad curriculum ensures that Denison graduates have studied across disciplines, so they are not narrowly trained in one field. And when the going gets tough, the tough get the best education and then go on to lead successful lives.

Laptop Programs:

The following equipment is available for students, faculty, and staff for check out from the Library Circulation Desk. To ensure that equipment is available when you need it, please make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance. Available For Checkout: *Mac/PC Laptop kits *iPads *Computer/Overhead Projectors *Digital SLR cameras *Lens kits *TurningPoint Clickers *Audio Recorders *Microphones *Boomboxes/PA Systems

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