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About the School:

The Colorado College is a private liberal arts college in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was founded in 1874 by Reverend Thomas Nelson Haskell in his daughter's memory. The college enrolls approximately 2,000 undergraduates at its 90-acre campus, 70 miles south of Denver.

Laptop Programs:

Inclusive and Affordable Computing at CC

It's important to have access to computing resources as a student at Colorado College. We recommend that every student has his or her own computer, but recognize that is not always possible. This page lists the various campus resources available to students to help ensure all students have sufficient access to computing resources.

What to buy

Take a look at our purchasing personally owned equipment page, which includes ways to get discounts from both Dell and Apple as well as general recommendations on specs and a link to a specific model at the bottom of the page that is the cheapest computer we would recommend (approximately $300). In terms of bang for your buck when looking through a bewildering list of specs, here's what we would recommend prioritizing:
  • Get a solid state hard drive (SSD). They are more expensive for less storage, but your computer will run noticeably faster for longer into its life, and your data will also be much safer than a traditional hard drive.
  • Get at least 8 GB of RAM, more is good.

Free software (Microsoft Office and Windows 10) for your computer

It helps a lot keeping the cost down to know that you do not need to buy Microsoft Office for your PC or Mac - you get it for free as a CC student for the duration of your time as a student. You also get a free copy of Windows 10. Any computer you buy will already have an operating system, but if you have an older computer that you'd like to upgrade, you can use this to do it for free.

How to pay for your computer

If your own funds are not sufficient, you might consider taking out a financial-aid loan. If you are a CC student receiving need-based financial aid from the college, you can borrow through one of the subsidized student loan programs to cover the cost of your computer that you will use for your four years at CC. This aid is in the form of a loan, not a grant. Email the Office of Financial Aid for more information [email protected]

Public computers on campus

There are many public lab computers available to you, including small 24x7 accessible labs in Loomis, Mathias, and South Hall (you do not need to live in that particular hall to use the labs). It's also worth noting that you have access to a virtual lab, which allows you to access specialized software without having to install it on your computer, and also allows you to get around the problem of having a computer with low specs. You can just use the computer to connect to the virtual lab, and then any programs / processes you run have the server's resources available instead of just your computer.

Loaner computers

Tutt Library has loaner computers at the Circulation Desk that they will check out to you just like they would a book. There are 3 different sets of loaner laptops, each with a different purpose in mind:
  • 4 hour, in-building only loaners are meant for quick use within the building only (ex. you forgot your laptop at home)
  • 2 week loaners are meant for filling in if your computer gets lost or broken (e.g., you spill coffee on your laptop and need something to use for 10 days until the new one arrives).
  • 1 year loaners are meant for giving you an option if you cannot afford to purchase your own computer right now.
There are a limited number of loaners in each category.

Microsoft Office free for current students and employees

Because of our licensing agreement with Microsoft and our Office 365 subscription, we're able to provide the full Microsoft Office suite for PC, Mac, and mobile FREE.

Windows 10 free for current students

Using our Kivuto portal can you get you a free (students) or heavily discounted (employees) version of Windows 10.


Personally-owned computers (students and others)

Colorado College partners with Dell and Apple for computer purchasing. Because of those partnerships, the College receives discounted prices both for College purchases and when CC staff or students buy personally-owned computers from either vendor.
For student-owned computers, we recommend a brand new Mac or PC laptop.  Even minimal specs are sufficient for most purposes, so we have no specific recommendation on specs. If brand new is not feasible, we recommend the computer be no more than 2 years old.

To know more about laptop programs, click here.