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About the School:

The College of Built Environments is an academic college at the University of Washington in Seattle. The CBE offers programs in architecture, construction management, landscape architecture, real estate, and urban planning. From 1957 to 2009, it was known as the College of Architecture and Urban Planning.

Laptop Programs:

Student Loaner Program

Students in the Departments of the College of Built Environments can register for the Student Loaner Program and check equipment from the Built Environments Library, (Gould 334).
How do I check out the equipment? To qualify to check out equipment from the BE Library students must: Be an undergraduate major or graduate student in one of the College’s departments. Have a current UW Library account. Read and understand the responsibilities and guidelines. Visit the BE Library to confirm your status as a student in the College.

Responsibilities and Guidelines

Responsibilities: You are responsible for any equipment checked out to you from this program, and you must take all reasonable precautions to protect it. You should not allow others to use the equipment because you are the person who will be held liable for any loss, damage, or criminal acts that may occur.

You are responsible for repair or replacement of this equipment due to any loss or damage while it is checked out to you. While all the equipment is insured through the UW’s Risk Management office, the deductibles are substantial (up to $500). Also, Risk Management may refuse to pay claims if in its judgment the loss is due to negligence on your part. If this occurs, you will be responsible for the full replacement or repair costs. If you do not make arrangements with the University of Washington Libraries to pay such charges, it may affect your ability to register for classes at the University of Washington or receive your diploma and transcripts, and be referred for collection. If any equipment you have checked out is stolen or you suspect it is stolen, you must notify the library unit from which it is checked out and file a theft report with the University of Washington Police immediately. The non-emergency telephone number for UW Police is 206-685-8973. The telephone number for the Built Environments Library is 206-543-4067. You must return any equipment you have checked out at or before the day and time at which it is due. If you fail to return equipment on time, you may be removed permanently from the list of eligible borrowers.  


Usage Guidelines:


You must adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in licensing agreements including licensing grant restrictions, copyright restrictions, and transfer restrictions. For example, you may not copy software for personal use.
You must adhere to acceptable use policies for uniform access computing as outlined by the University of Washington.




The College of Built Environments is not responsible for loss of data or other damage to files that may occur due to use of the computer.
All data will be deleted from the computer upon its return. If you want to save your work, you must back up your files to your own media.
You must be a currently enrolled major or graduate student in one of the Departments of the College of Built Environments at the University of Washington to participate in this program.
UW Student Technology Loan Program
Beyond the College, a consortium of UW organizations have compiled a large pool of equipment available for loan to currently enrolled UW students from several locations around campus through the UW Student Technology Loan Program.
STLP laptops have only basic software installed – no discipline-specific apps like those available on the CBE loaners.

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