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Laptop Programs:

Borrow a Laptop (Students)

This program is available during the fall, spring, and summer semesters, but not during semester breaks.


  • Current credit student with 6 or more credit hours (3 or more in the summer).
  • No delinquent service indicators on your student account.
  • Enrolled in an active program.
  • Was enrolled at CCC in the previous term, either including or excluding summer (eg you are enrolled in Fall and took classes the previous Spring OR the previous Summer).
  • Are currently enrolled with at least six credit hours (three in the summer).
  • No previous violations of Loaner Laptop program.


    Disclaimer: Students must sign the Loaner Laptop Agreement before receiving the laptop. Failure to return the laptop to the location from which it was borrowed or failure to pay for damages will result a charge to your student account of up to $200 and in a loss of borrowing privileges.   For questions about the Loaner Laptop Program, contact us at one of the locations above, or send an email to [email protected]    

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