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About the School:

Citadel Military College is a school focused on providing education and leadership training at the same time. Cadets at the school are put on a strict 24-hour regimen that they must abide by. They learn skills needed in their careers, in the military, and in the real world. This discipline gives them the strength they need.

Laptop Programs:

Citadel does not give away computers in its laptop program, but it does offer exclusive discounts on Dell computers. All students have access to free technical support while they are in school, and honors students get to borrow a laptop from the school for the duration of their degrees.

Degrees and Programs Offered:

Biological Sciences, Business Administration and Management, Computer and Information Sciences, Computer Science, School Counseling and Guidance Services, Educational Leadership and Administration, Middle School Education and Teaching, Mathematics Teacher Education, Physical Education Teaching and Coaching, Reading Teacher Education, Secondary Education, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Industrial Management, English Language and Literature, Foreign Languages and Literatures, History, Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement Administration, Mathematics, Kinesiology and Exercise Science, Sport and Fitness Management, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, School Psychology, Political Science and Government, Social Sciences



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