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Students enrolled in the Learning Comes First are eligible to receive a complimentary free laptop.  This program is designed for freshman students to help them to acclimate to college life.

About the School:

Auburn University at Montgomery is the metropolitan campus of AU, a land-grant institution. With 500-acres of campus, just a few miles east of downtown Montgomery, the campus is not just a learning institution, and a highly respected one, but it is also a place to start exploring the world around you. Montgomery is a great place to let off a little steam, and you won’t need to travel far when you are done studying to find beautiful day trips, or an exciting nightlife.

Laptop Programs:

Learning Comes First Program: This program is designed to help freshmen students adjust to college in a more complete way by offering mentoring and tutoring. This adjustment period lasts through the freshmen year and allows all LCF students to live on the same floor in The Commons. A free use laptop is provided throughout the LCF program at no additional cost. In addition, this program awards points for interactivity, leadership and other activities around campus that can help in earning housing scholarships and awards.

Degrees and Programs Offered:

Biology, Accounting, Business Administration, Marketing Management, Computer and Information Systems Security, Educational Leadership and Administration, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Political Science and Government, Sociology.


Best Southeastern College (The Princeton Review), AUM School of Business selected repeatedly as a Best Business School (The Princeton Review)



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