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About the School:

Alverno College is a Roman Catholic, four-year, independent, liberal arts college, historically and still primarily a women's college located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Laptop Programs:

Loaner Equipment for Students

    The Library has a limited number of laptops for checkout to students. Check on laptop availability at the main desk in the Library, 2nd floor, North in the FO building. There are several laptops with wireless internet capability; and a small number w/o internet capability. The loan period is 72 hours. Laptops are available on a first come, first served basis and are non-renewable. Overdue Fines are $1 per hour (that the library is open) with a maximum Fine of  $75. Students who wish to “renew” laptops are asked to return the laptop and wait at least one hour before borrowing the laptop again.   The one hour waiting period gives other students a chance to borrow the laptop.    
The Media Hub has a limited number of laptops and iPads for student use. To check out a piece of equipment, come to the Media Hub with a valid Alverno ID with an Alverno Library barcode on the back. Equipment availability information and renewals are not given over the phone. The loan period is 72 hours. Laptops are available on a first come, first served basis and are non-renewable. A $1 per hour late fee, including hours the Media Hub is closed, will be charged if the equipment is not returned on the due date.

Wireless Laptop Carts

Technology Services currently has three wireless laptop carts available for delivery to classrooms. These carts enable any room with wireless access on campus to become a computer classroom connected to the campus network. There are special policies for wireless laptop cart requests.


One monochrome laser printer is available but must be ordered separately.  External mice are available on request. Laptops DO NOT have an internal DVD/CD drive. One USB DVD/CD external drive is available and must be ordered separately. Students may save to a USB flash drive or their OneDrive for Business account via student email.


The built-in battery in each laptop allows it to work for approximately five (5) hours without being plugged in. If you are planning to use the laptops for more than five hours, you will want to request the AC adapters and some extra power strips so the laptops can be plugged in.

Network Connectivity

The wireless network adapter in each laptop allows it to connect to the campus wireless network without a physical cable. The network laser printer must be connected to a physical network jack in the room. Students and instructors can map network drives to connect to their home folders (H: or N: drives).

Laptop cart policies

For security, with their eqiupment verification email, instructors are given a combination to open the lockbox and access the key to the cart. Delivery and set up procedure:
        • Technology Services staff will deliver the cart to the reserved room, connect the printer, and test a laptop for network connectivity. The cart will be left locked.
        • Instructors unlock the cart and distribute the laptops to their students.  If any mice or adapters were ordered, they will be in containers on top of the cart.
Pickup procedure:
        • After the class, the instructor replaces the laptops making sure that all the laptops are returned to the cart.  Any mice or power adapters (if used) should be returned to the conainers on the cart.
        • The instructor must lock the cart, return the key to the lockbox and close the lockbox.
        • Technology Services staff will pick up the cart, return it to storage, and plug in all power cables so the cart is recharged and ready for the next delivery.

          iPad Cart

          Technology Services has two iPad carts (iPad Air 2) with wi-fi only—no 3/4G.
          • Cart 1 has 15 iPads
          • Cart 2 has 20 iPads
          The iPad carts can be requested through our online reservation system. The delivery policies and procedures are the same as the wireless laptop carts.  The iPad carts are reserved as a unit. The iPads are not checked out individually.


          PLEASE NOTE:  Apple has changed the way apps are activated for educational institutions.  As a result, you will need to connect to a wireless network before launching each app for the first time.  If this step is not followed, you will receive the following error: "Unable to verify App." The app will not open. All the iPads on the carts have the same set of apps installed. Our existing app list includes the following:
          123D Design for Education Mandalas LITE
          Adobe Acrobat Reader Meritum Paint Pro
          Adobe Spark Page Microsoft Excel
          Adobe Spark Post Microsoft OneDrive
          Adobe Spark Video Microsoft PowerPoint
          AudioCopy Microsoft Word
          Autodesk SketchBook Mindly (mind mapping)
          Bloxels Builder Next Generation Science Standards
          Brushes Redux Paper by FiftyThree
          Class Dojo Prezi Viewer
          Common Core Standards Sara Tse - In a World of My Own
          Dropbox SketchFab
          Educreations Skype for Business
          Explain Everything Socrative Student
          Facebook Stop, Breath & Think
          Flipgrid The Calculator
          GDrive for Google Drive The Weather Channel
          Google Arts and Culture Twitter
          Google Chrome Vimeo
          Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides Wordpress
          Graphic for iPad YouTube Capture
          Hangouts Zen Brush
          iTunes U Zoom Cloud Meetings
          Kahoot - Play Learning Shaanxi - Touch Media Magic Card
          Keith Haring:  The Political Line
          All of the paid apps (*) have been purchased through Tech Services’ corporate account so that we can “reimage” the iPads and restore the apps owned by the College.  Faculty may request new apps in much the same way they request new software for installation in the computer labs.  If the app is free, it can certainly be added to all the iPads during one of the next “refresh” periods in August and January.  Quicker turnaround might be feasible, but would need to be requested and approved on a case by case basis.  Funds for additional paid apps would need to come from the department requesting them.  Several faculty members have already indicated that they will fund these purchases through a student course fee (yes; we realize that the students’ wouldn’t get to “keep” the app their course fee funded, but since the cost of apps is relatively low, we’re planning to treat them more like consumables). Printing from the iPad carts is available.  One color printer is available and must be ordered separately.  The printer must be connected to a network jack in order to print from the iPads.
Links: https://www.alverno.edu/techserv/facstaff/scheduling/equipmenttypes/wirelesslaptopcarts.php https://www.alverno.edu/techserv/facstaff/scheduling/equipmenttypes/ipadcart.php  


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