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April 7, 2021

If you’re still looking for affordable ways to get your hands on a laptop for school, consider getting one in a scholarship. Scholarship awards are not limited to just paying tuition and books, there are many scholarships that will provide laptops and software to the winner.

Notable Scholarships

Dell Scholars Program

Dell Scholars Program

Each year Dell awards 300 laptops to college students. They use a GPA standard, but in their case GPA refers to the student’s Grit, Potential, and Ambition. They seek out low-income, highly motivated students. To qualify, students must complete an approved college readiness program, graduate from an accredited high school, earn a minimum of a 2.4 GPA, be eligible for a Federal Pell Grant, and planning to enroll in a full time bachelor’s degree program immediately following high school graduation. To learn more about the Dell Scholars Program, go here.

The HP Scholar Award

The HP scholar award is specifically for students looking to study engineering. The full scholarship is worth $40,000 and includes the HP productivity package.  A laptop, printer, and PDA will be awarded as well as three paid summer internships at Hewlett Packard. To qualify, you must be an African American, Latino, or American Indian high school senior, or community college transfer student, who will be attending a HP Scholar partnership university and majoring in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering.

Where to Find Scholarships

To find a scholarship that includes a laptop, you may need to do some digging. Check with enrollment and financial aid advisers to see if they know of any scholarships. Call local tech companies to see if they offer scholarships, and use the internet to track down non-local opportunities. Don’t limit yourself to only scholarships that offer laptops, many scholarships are paid directly to the winner, not the school, so you can use that money to purchase a laptop. Here are some great places to find scholarships.

College Board

The College Board publishes a book annually of available scholarships. Many of these scholarships are non-school specific, meaning you could use the award at any school you chose. Their database contains over 2,300 scholarships, totaling nearly $3 billions in award money.


Fast web is the leading online resource for helping students find funding for school. They have a database of thousands of scholarships available along with criteria and instructions to apply and they update it daily . They also offer help with financial aid and student loans.


Scholarships.com has been around since 1999 and they know their business. With a database of over 2.7 million scholarships you’re sure to find something that matches you. With $19 billion dollars in award money available taking some time to fill out scholarship applications could be very worth it.