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September 8, 2021

The Digital Divide Is Getting Worse

The benefits of digitization, e-commerce, remote working and distance learning are far reaching.  However, these benefits are slow to reach the most deserving: low income students. Political leaders, corporations and near government organizations are scrambling to find palatable solutions. 

In the United States, 61% of households that make $25,000 or less have kids in online instruction as of December 2020. In these households 8% of the kids have access to a computer only sometimes or rarely and 6% of the kids have access to the internet only sometimes or rarely. Thankfully, several non-profit organizations have answered the call to provide laptops to underprivileged students.

These organizations are important now more than ever because without having the proper technology, low-income students run the risk of falling behind academically and permanently stunting their educational growth. These kids are in dire need of technology in order to succeed in the long-run. 

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Not all sponsored colleges have laptop programs

Apply For a Computer Online With These Organizations:

http://theonitfoundation.org/ : The On It Foundation provides laptops for students K-12 that receive free or reduced lunch from school and attend public school. Parents must apply online in order for kids to receive laptop.

https://www.withcauses.org/askforhelp.htm : With Causes is a charity that offers numerous products and services to individuals that are in need. Families that need computers and laptops can fill out this form and submit it to be eligible for a free laptop.

https://www.everyoneon.org : Everyone On has been cosigned by Obama, served over 700,000 people, and has 9 years of history. EveryoneOn is a great option to find low cost laptops and internet options. Email them to learn more about their program and see if you qualify.

https://www.pcsforpeople.org/eligibility/ : PCs For People offers free laptops to anybody at 200% poverty level or lower. Visit their site to learn more details.

https://www.laptopupcycle.org/get-technology.html : Any student receiving free/reduced lunch in the Montclair, New Jersey or surrounding communities is eligible to get free laptop. Additionally, students with a note/email from a principal or counselor are also eligible for a free laptop.

Non-Profit Organizations by State and Location:

https://www.everyoneon.org/find-offers : Entering your zip code on this webpage will match you with local programs that offer free and discounted laptops to students.

https://aftrr.org/map-locator/ : This site offers a comprehensive map of locations across America that have discounted or free laptop services. This list includes over 90 organizations.

https://www.bridgingtech.org/ : Two former Stanford students created Bridging Tech to help disadvantaged youth. They operate all over the country and have helped 1,354 students receive laptops to complete their education.

https://www.compudopt.org/ : Comp-U-Dopt teaches students K-12 tech skills to help them succeed in the job market. Instilling students with skills in coding and IT, Comp-U-Dopt has operations around the country dedicated to teaching young kids about the tech world. Donating laptops to this organization will assist them in completing their mission.

Computers Available by Request for Non-Profit Organizations:

https://interconnection.org/computergrants.php : Interconnection offers grants to non-profit organizations helping undeserved communities. You can receive up to 10 refurbished laptops with this grant. Applications are evaluated based on community impact and ability to effectively execute.

https://ctac-nh.org/node/12 : Non-profits, public schools, and private schools are eligible to apply for this program via email. Computers are refurbished and sold to recipients at abnormally low cost to accommodate organizations in need.

https://www.computerswithcauses.org/application.htm : After completing a background and a reference check Computers With Causes will decided rather or not your organization is eligible to receive a free laptop.

https://www.cristina.org/become-partner/ : Cristina Network provides laptops for non-profit organizations in need. Before receiving laptops from Cristina Network organizations must clearly have outlined goals and objectives that will benefit their community. They must also have access to tech support and good project management.