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October 16, 2020

Lucrative Career Paths You Should Pursue In 2020 A hint from an expert on how to find an excellent job after the current economic recession can give you a head start that others may not know. Instead of hoping for jobs to come back, you can improve your chances of finding worthwhile work when the market rebounds by learning new skills. Almost everyone knows that some jobs may not come back after economic conditions improve, but many may not choose to prepare for it. Training for a new one may give you a better chance to get a job that pays well in a tight market.

Finding Access to Courses Online
Whether or not you think it fair, the fact remains that a college degree helps many people earn more money. Salary information from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics shows that an employee with a four-year degree earns almost twice as much as one with a high school diploma. A two-year degree produced nearly one and a half times as much money in 2019. Your computer provides access to courses in every field, and you can get everything you need from the comfort of your home. The virus makes college campuses pose risks that you may not want to accept, but you can start expanding your knowledge through online courses.

Choosing the Right Field of Study
Data literacy gives you a critical asset that can make you attractive to companies who need to defend themselves against business disruptions. In a Forbes article, Bernard Marr shares his expertise on jobs for the fourth Industrial Revolution and recommends studying data management and acquiring digital skills.

• Artificial Intelligence
The fascinating fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence allow computers to perform human-like functions of decision-making, language translations, speech recognition, visual perception and many others.

• Big Data
Companies use advanced information technology to examine accumulated data gathered over the years. Analysis of the data provides a basis for predictions that help companies make business decisions.

• Blockchain
Encryption makes blockchains a valuable tool in digital records that represent sales, services, contracts and supplies.

Computers use coding or instructions from programmers to perform a task. Almost all electronic devices can read, understand and execute the instructions that coding provides.

• Digital Marketing
Through blogs, search engine optimization, websites, social media and other outreach channels on the internet, digital marketing provides content that informs and educates potential customers.

• Internet of Things
Embedded software and sensors allow devices to communicate with each other through the internet as they collect and exchange information.

• Web Development
Webmasters use coding, programming and computer science to design, build and maintain websites that allow companies to have a presence on the internet.

Opportunities to improve your skills and prepare for jobs after the market rebounds can qualify you to enter the post-coronavirus world. Online courses let you build up qualifications without leaving home or your current job, and you can work at a pace that suits you. With training, you can gain an advantage for the job market after the current economic recession.