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June 25, 2020

Mass lay-offs have been affecting workers all over the world since the spread of coronavirus began. The United States experienced a sudden surge of unemployment with a record 21 million Americans reporting unemployment in May 2020. This trend of mass lay-offs was caused by lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders that triggered many businesses to temporarily or permanently shut down. Many households are in a financial and economical dilemma as they find themselves without a source of income.

What should I do after being laid off?

This question may be a lingering thought in the back of your mind since the loss of your job. While you may have no hope of getting your job back, you do have options. You can go back to college to either finish an uncompleted degree or start a new degree.

Why should I go back to college?

The loss of a job is devastating but it may be a blessing in disguise during this period of COVID-19 pandemic. Returning to college after losing one’s job has its perks. A study by the National Center for Education Statistics reports that people who complete a college degree have a higher chance of being employed than those with no college degree. If you are not thoroughly convinced, the reasons below might persuade you to get a college degree.

1.      You get to enhance your skills

Returning to college can help you brush up on old skills and adapt them to suit our ever-changing world. Adapting a skill you may already have to coincide with new technologies or business practices is an opportunity that colleges provide. Taking new courses you have never taken before gives you an edge over students who are fresh to college.

2.      You can learn new skills

Adopting a new skill is rarely a bad idea. Learning new, employable skills is a definite resume booster that will allow you to stand out against other candidates. New skills may direct you towards a career path you had not considered in the past. Instead of being restricted in career ladder paths, you can move on career lattices. You can decide to work in various departments since you have the skills that make you qualified.

3.      You get qualified to earn a higher income

Going back to college makes you qualified for many things including a higher income. A study led by The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center reveals that completing a degree can make you qualified for a promotion and an income that is 46% higher than the income earned by those without a college degree.

4.      You get to make professional connections

Expanding your professional connections is an advantage that returning to college provides. College allows you to meet and network with many brilliant minds at differing points in their careers. You can connect with professionals in your field as well as with peers in your courses who could help you in the future.

Steps to take while going back to college

1.      Try an online school

The current movement restrictions and social distancing policy instigated by the outbreak of coronavirus is a reason to apply to an online school. Learning online is a very flexible and convenient option for you.  Online learning compared to an-on campus college is budget-friendly for someone who has just lost a job. However, before you pick an online school, make sure you take diligent steps to choose the right online school.

2.      Apply to a school that offers financial aid

Being unemployed can affect your ability to afford college fees. A smart step to take is to apply to a school that offers financial aid. Make findings on the schools that provide financial aid such as scholarships, student loans, free online courses, etc. Select from one of those schools.

3.      Get that degree

Always remember that the reason you are back in college is to complete a degree. Make sure you finish your degree program. Stay determined!