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April 26, 2023

Yes, My College Laptop is legit and we are dedicated to matching potential college students with schools that fit their interest of study. Since 2013, My College Laptop has helped over 500,000 students find colleges that offer laptops to students. My College Laptop has partnered with accredited colleges and universities nationally to connect institutions with students looking for laptop programs.

Why Choose My College Laptop?

Our database connects you with over 495 online schools across the country. My College Laptop has found programs for students interested in nursing, business, psychology, criminal justice, and much more. Many online students have come to My College Laptop since 2013 and have received degrees from accredited colleges.

Online education allows you to get the skills you need without ever leaving your house. Now more than ever remote learning is the most viable way to finish your education and become the employee boss’s want.

Students Who Found Schools


My College Laptop will match you with a college that provides free laptops to students, and by the off-handed chance your college doesn’t provide free laptops, then you can apply for one through Laptops 4 Learning. Which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization we are partnered with. Instead of aimlessly searching the internet for a college that might or might not fit your needs. You can instead use our site to instantly be matched with prospective colleges that will accommodate the education you desire and provide the laptop you need.