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September 21, 2020

How Women Can Get Into Tech Fast & Efficiently

A few decades ago, people had to go to college if they wanted to get a career in tech. Today, the same university degree can be completed online. More importantly, there are countless boot camps, certificates and internships you can do to start a career in coding and cybersecurity. Women can get started in the tech industry by using the following methods and tips.

A Tech Degree Is Unnecessary

Many women think that they have to have a degree from a top tech university if they want to start a tech career. In reality, many tech companies will hire people who do not have a degree. In addition, the tech industry needs accountants and marketing professionals like any other industry. If you already have a degree in a different field, you can use it to get your foot in the door.

Tech jobs are in high demand, which is one of the reasons why they pay so well. Because they are in demand, employers do not expect a bachelor’s degree from every employee. In addition, employers are starting to realize that a bachelor’s degree is not the best indicator of an employee’s potential.

Find Boot Camps

Companies like Google are beginning to realize that boot camps and short certificates are great ways to train employees for a career in tech. If you get a career certificate from Google, the company will treat it like a bachelor’s degree. Currently, Google offers certificates for UX designers, project managers and data analysts.

Online boot camps are a great way to transition from your current job to a career in cybersecurity. Full Stack Academy, Code Fellows and Flatiron School all have top-rated boot camps. You can also check out boot camps from traditional universities such as the University of Washington, the University of Colorado, the University of California and Columbia University.

Discover Free Options

Coding courses do not have to be expensive. At Codewars, Khan Academy and Code Academy, you can learn to code for free. Many of these boot camps also offer certificates that you can give to a future employer. While they take less time than a college course, they provide you with the same tech abilities.

Get an Entry-Level Position

One of the best things you can do is start working in the tech industry right away. No matter how well you are trained, the tech industry is constantly changing. Because of this, you will always have to learn new information and techniques after you are hired. If you get started in your new position right away, you can immediately begin your on-the-job learning.

In the United States, women only receive 18 percent of computer science degrees. Thankfully, this figure is finally starting to improve. More women are entering the tech industry each year. With a job in cybersecurity or coding, you can enjoy a lucrative salary and great career growth. Whether you get on-the-job training or take an online course, there are a number of ways you can break into this field.

Entry Level Jobs: Tech vs. Non-Tech

Good entry level jobs in the tech industry include: Digital Marketing Manager, Jr. Web Developer, Data Analyst, Social Media Manager, and UI/UX Designer. The mean salary for these tech jobs is $60,572. The mean salary for 5 non-tech jobs (Case Clerk, Accountant, HR Recruiting, Administrative Assistant, Help Desk Support) is $46,602.

* All salary data for this article via Glassdoor and based on submitted salaries with 0-1 years experience.

Therefore, by choosing to enter into the tech industry you can an average, make $13,970 extra dollars a year. Additionally, from 2018-2019 the tech industry experienced a 27.3% growth in industry according to the Swyft Industry Report. In the 2019 State of Salaries Report, the average tech worker made $135,000, indicating there is plenty room for personal growth in this industry.