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Louisiana is a state that has a rich history and plenty of industries to keep people working. It has also fallen on hard times recently due to natural disasters, but Louisianans have shown their resolve through this difficult times. Many are returning to work or starting to make a better future for themselves by earning their college education, and there are great online colleges in Louisiana. In spite of all that has happened, Louisiana has shown that it is a state that will continue to grow, contribute to the betterment of the country and make the best out of some of the worst situations.

Strayer University-Louisiana

Jackson, Mississippi

Strayer University is a private, for-profit university in the United States. It was founded in 1892 as Strayer’s...Read More

Independence University


Tablets and Laptops are offered. Models vary.

Independence University boasts one of the longest standing online education programs in the country, with over 37 years...Read More