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Home of Chicago, and the major contender against New York in regards to who has the best pizza, Illinois, is a varied, exciting, and serene state along with some of the best online colleges in Illinois. The Prairie State is home to a vast number of schools, museums of art and science, and one of the cultural leaders in the U.S. It is also a state that focuses on the betterment of its population and focuses its energy into providing a quality education. As students move from high school and start to explore the colleges that are available to them, they will find many in their own backyards, but they may also turn to online colleges and find some that offer a unique outlook that they can’t find at home. Each student is unique, so finding the perfect school will take some work, but the end result will be a better future for the student and their family.

DeVry University

Illinois , California, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, New York, Virginia, New Jersey, North Carolina, Colorado, Nevada, Missouri, Indiana, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Washington, Ohio

DeVry University is a for-profit college based in the United States. The school was founded in 1931 by...Read More

Illinois Institute of Technology

Chicago, IL

Dell and Apple Computers

Independence University


Tablets and Laptops are offered. Models vary.

Independence University boasts one of the longest standing online education programs in the country, with over 37 years...Read More