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Georgia is home to many major industries, especially textiles, agriculture and timber. While many of the jobs that come from the industries do not require a formal education, that has not stopped the state from focusing on promoting education within the state. With well recognized schools such as Georgia State University and University of Georgia there are plenty of schools at home for students from around the country and world. That doesn’t mean students in Georgia don’t want options though. Fortunately, plenty of colleges throughout the country offer online degree programs, and some in the state even offer programs that provide students with access to laptops. Your options are varied, so don’t settle in on a college until you learn more about what is out there.

Georgia Piedmont Technical College

Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia Piedmont Tech Over Time Georgia Piedmont Tech was first established in 1961 as DeKalb Area Vocational School....Read More

DeVry University

Illinois , California, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, New York, Virginia, New Jersey, North Carolina, Colorado, Nevada, Missouri, Indiana, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Washington, Ohio

DeVry University is a for-profit college based in the United States. The school was founded in 1931 by...Read More

Independence University


Tablets and Laptops are offered. Models vary.

Independence University boasts one of the longest standing online education programs in the country, with over 37 years...Read More

Mercer University

Macon, GA


Mercer University is focused on training students to enter a career in the law profession. With nationally recognized...Read More