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Online Colleges in Arizona

Arizona is home to some beautiful natural wonders and highly respected educational institutions. This makes the state a great place to learn and experience the world around you. While the heat can be sweltering, it is a “dry” heat and according to locals “isn’t that bad”. No matter the heat, Arizona is home to plenty of highly regarded schools. The University of Phoenix got it’s start in the state, and now there are few people unaware of its existence and most know someone attending the school, or an alumni. UoP isn’t the only school in the state though; plenty of other schools serve Arizonians.

Independence University

  • About the School: Independence University boasts one of the longest standing online education programs in the country, with over 37 years of distance education offerings. Independence University is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools, a recognized accrediting agency by the U.S. Department of Education. As a non-profit university, Independence University is uniquely situated to provide their students with a great return on their education investment.
  • Laptop Programs: Students enrolled at Independence University qualify to receive both a tablet and a laptop. The tablet is shipped to the student upon enrollment and the laptop is shipped at the beginning of the student’s fourth module. All the software you need to complete your degree program is included. Students keep the laptop upon graduation. Tablets and Laptops are not issued to graduate or completion program students.
  • Degrees and Programs Offered: Graphic Arts, Healthcare Administration, Information Systems, Nursing Administration, Nursing Education, Accounting, Accounting with a Forensic Accounting emphasis, Business Administration, Business Administration with a Human Resources emphasis, Business Administration with a Technology emphasis, Graphic Arts with an Information Design emphasis, Health Information Management, Health Services Management, Networking & Information Systems Security, Nursing (RN to BS Completion), Respiratory Care with a Respiratory Care Management concentration, Respiratory Care with an Advanced Clinical Practice concentration, Medical Assisting, Software & Mobile Applications Development, Web Design and Development.
  • Web Address:
  • Accreditation: ACCSC

Midwestern University

  • About the School: Midwestern University focuses on training students to make a difference in the medical field upon graduation. You will study with caring mentors, learn alongside other students in an interdisciplinary fashion and benefit from a team-oriented, hands-on experience in the art of patient care. This focus will not just teach you the book smarts, but it will teach you the human, caring, aspects of patient care, no matter what field of study you plan to pursue.
  • Laptop Programs: There is no formal laptop program, but reimbursement programs are in place which cover learning and living expenses, laptops included.
  • Degrees and Programs Offered: Pharmacy, Physician Assistant Studies, Occupational Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Health Sciences Doctorate, Dental Medicine, Podiatric Medicine, Cardiovascular Science, Nurse Anesthesia
  • Web Address:
  • Accreditation: ARC-PA, APA, COCA, AOA, ACPE, CCOM