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About Us

We are just a couple of computer geeks that know when it comes to education; technology can make all the difference. That is why we created this website. We know that students are much more equipped to do well in school when they have the right tools and resources. Feel free to take a look around and explore the laptop programs offered.

Lindsey R.- Editor

Lindsey is pure California Girl. She is from Long Beach, California and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems from California State University. After graduation she moved to Utah to feed her addiction to snowboarding.  She loves animals and is a foster parent for the local humane society. In her spare time you’ll find her up in the mountains with her camera or on the couch watching reruns of “The Office.”

Martha F. – Editor

Martha hails from The Valley of the Sun, Arizona but considers Salt Lake City to be her home. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Management from Arizona State University (Go Sun Devils!). When she isn’t behind a screen you can find her hiking, snowboarding, and mountain biking. She also enjoys cooking and singing loudly off-key. She shares her home with her boyfriend and their incredibly hairy dog, Ria.

Matthew Y.– Tech Support

Matthew’s roots are in Seattle where he graduated high school and earned a vocational degree in carpentry from Tongue Point. He has perused an education in ecology, conservation, and waterfront operations and management and plans to return to school in 2014 to earn his degree in Information Systems Management. When he isn’t sitting at his computer, you can find him playing the guitar, hanging out with friends, watching action movies, or LARPing in the park.

Colby D.- Tech and Design

Colby is from Forest, Louisiana but found his way to Utah several years ago because the girls here are so pretty (and something to do with being closer to family). Colby studied Arts and Animation at the Art Institute of Salt Lake City. He enjoys playing card games, spending time with his friends and family and writing stories. He hopes to one day be a published author.