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Here Are Select Online Colleges that Provide Laptops 2021

1. Pierce College

Los Angeles, California

Refurbished Laptop

Through the Guardian Scholars Program, eligible Pierce College students can take advantage of the book loaner program, complimentary books, complimentary supplies, refurbished free laptops at no cost, and tailored meal plans.

Pierce College

2. Clovis Community College

Fresno, California

Laptop Loaner Program

Clovis Community College is a public community college located in northeastern Fresno, California near Clovis. It is in the State Center Community College District along with Fresno City College and Reedley College. It has a satellite campus on Herndon Avenue in Fresno.

Clovis Community College

3. SUNY Morrisville

Morrisville, New York

Lenovos | IBM ThinkPad

SUNY Morrisville began its ThinkPad University partnership with IBM in 1998 (now Lenovo). Morrisville became the first of the State University of New York’s 64 campuses to supply students with individual laptop computers.  Each student is issued a free laptop upon enrollment.

SUNY Morrisville

4. Lynn University

Boca Raton, Florida

iPad Tablet

Lynn University is a private university in Boca Raton, Florida. Founded in 1962, the university awards associate, baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral degrees. It is named for the Lynn family. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 2,095.

Lynn University

5. Duke University

Durham, NC 27708, United States

School Sponsored Finance Program

Eligible persons can purchase any personal computer or peripheral equipment sold by the Duke Technology Center. Software, supplies, service and accessories are ineligible products and must be purchased separately using another approved payment method such as cash, credit card, Flex points, etc.
Amounts: The payment plan will finance amounts from $500 to $3,000, inclusive, in multiples of $50, and amounts from $3,100 to $5,000, inclusive, in multiples of $100.
Terms and Conditions: The payment plan is a simple interest, retail installment sale as governed by the State of North Carolina. Additional specific information is detailed on the installment agreement.

Duke University

6. University of South Florida

Tampa, FL

Laptop Loaner Program

The USF Tampa Library has laptops for checkout to current USF students with a valid USF ID.   Laptops are FREE to check out and can be checked out for 5 hours at a time. Laptops MUST NOT leave the library.

The USF Computer Store offers laptop “bundles” for students. Laptop bundles include a laptop with hardware upgrades, pre-installed software, and extended warranty. Purchasing a qualified laptop bundle also enrolls students in the Bulls Select Service Program, which includes the following benefits free of charge: “Head of the Line” service, free diagnostics, and a free loaner laptop if the laptop can’t be fixed within two business days, for full details and restrictions please contact the USF Computer Store. You can find recommended laptop bundles at USF Computer Store.


University of South Florida

7. University of California, Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California

Laptop Loaner Program

The Campus Library Instructional Computing Commons (CLICC )offers a large selection of equipment, such as laptops, projectors, GoPro cameras, and a wide variety of small items, that are available to check out. For more specific information on our equipment, lending policies, and fines, please see our list of equipment below:

Laptop Lending
Presentation Kits (projectors)
Small Items Lending
Information on Fines

University of California, Los Angeles

8. Independence University


Tablets and Laptops are offered. Models vary.

Students enrolled at Independence University qualify to receive a free complimentary tablet and a free complimentary laptop. The tablet is shipped to the student upon enrollment and the laptop is shipped at the beginning of the student’s fourth module. All the software you need to complete your degree program is included. Students keep the laptop upon graduation. Tablets and laptops are not issued to graduate or completion program students.

Independence University

9. University of South Carolina Honors College

Columbia, SC

Dell Laptops

Students admitted to the University of South Carolina Honors College are eligible to apply for a special scholarship program that includes a complimentary free Dell Laptop and assistance with on-campus parking.  The scholarship also provides tuition and fee assistance, room and board subsidies and more.

University of South Carolina Honors College

10. Mercer University

Macon, GA


Law school students receive a free new laptop upon matriculation. Mercer University is focused on training students in the law profession. With nationally recognized programs and students that are prepared to practice and committed to serve their community, your education will carry you far throughout your life.

Mercer University

My College Laptop

Learn about online colleges and campus programs that offer laptops and tablets for their students. In the digital world, laptops are to an online college what books are to a campus-based college. According to in 2017, 6.6 million students took at least one online course. They also report that 2.2 million students enrolled exclusively in online college. As of June 2020, 97% of college students have switched to online instruction. The record number of students attending online college requires colleges to rethink how they provide students with tools to succeed. As technology is integrated more and more into course curriculum, it is critical that students have the necessary resources to keep up with this pace. Innovative colleges have realized that by providing technology assistance, mobile and tablet services to current students, they have a technical advantage in their studies, which the colleges hope leads to student success.

Things to Consider when Buying a College Laptop

A new laptop can be a significant investment. You want to ensure that you’re getting a great machine and not paying too much for it. You’ll want a laptop that will last throughout your schooling and even after and well into your job search.  From financing options to protecting your laptop here are some things you should consider when purchasing your laptop for college.

Student Discounts

Many laptop manufactures offer laptops at a discount to college students. When purchasing a laptop be sure to ask if you qualify for any of these discounts. Additionally, many colleges have exclusive deals with manufactures for discounts on computers they recommend. Check with your school to see what discounts they offer their students. Some online schools provide college students with free laptops if they are enrolled in a program.

Financing Options

Many retailers and manufacturers offer their own financing on laptops, sometimes even at a zero percent interest rate.

  • Amazon offers up to 12 months of no interest financing on many computers purchased with the Store card. Purchases must be over $599 and monthly minimum payments are required.
  • Best Buy offers similar financing through their Best Buy Credit card. Purchases of $399 and up charged to the Best Buy Credit card qualify for zero percent interest if paid within the first 12 months. As always, be sure to read the terms and conditions of any financing offer so that you do not incur any surprise fees, late payments, or interest charges.


  • Dell offers their own financing and even provide a handy payment calculator so you know exactly what to expect when you finance through them. Apple offers special education financing plans to match the needs of students, including flexible terms so your payments are timed for when you expect an influx of money, such as at the beginning of courses when financial aid is made available.


Rent to own options are also available through retailers such as Rent-A-Center and Aaron’s but rent-to-own may not be the best option available as you’ll end up paying much more than the original purchase price by the time you take ownership of the computer. We recommend you only use this option only as a last resort.


Once you invest in a new computer, you’re going to want to make sure that your purchase is protected. Consider insuring your computer. Often the payments are very reasonable, often under $5 a month, and will come in so handy if ever your laptop is stolen or broken. You may even be able to insure your laptop through renter’s insurance.


While a laptop warranty shouldn’t be your only deciding factor when making a purchase, it will help give you some peace of mind that your money will be well spent. It is important to note that most laptop warranty programs do not cover accidental damage to your machine, so if you drop it, break the screen, or spill something on the keyboard it won’t be covered by the warranty, though it might be covered if you’ve purchased additional laptop insurance coverage.  You may also purchase accidental damage coverage (ADC) from many different manufacturers such as Apple, Toshiba, and Microsoft. Costco also offers competitive ADC warranties for laptops purchased through them.

Buy Used

There are many great places where you can purchase a great machine at a significant markdown once it has been used or refurbished. For the most secure purchases, consider buying a refurbished model direct from the manufacturer. These laptop models are often covered under the same warranty you’d get from the factory buying a new model.

Look for a corporate off-lease sale. Many large companies lease new laptops from retailers for a few years and then return them at the end of the lease. These computers are newer models that have been well cared for. The retailer then sells off the laptops for a lower price. While they’re a step down from a refurbished model, you’ll also see that reflected in the cost. This is a great way to get a well running machine for a fraction of the cost.

Free Laptops for College Students

You’ve heard the saying that there’s no such thing as a free lunch and that extends to colleges giving away laptops. Be sure to read the laptop agreements with any school before enrolling but in most cases the free laptop is simply included with the tuition of the student and if the student leaves before graduation they will be required to return the computer and/or pay for the computer, either partially, or in full.

Online Education Is Growing And Is Viable

As of June 2020, 85% of online students said that online distance learning is the same as or better than face to face learning. Students like that they can view lectures at any time they want and learn at their own pace. According to, Institutions have suspended 95% of travel for faculty & staff and have also implemented work-remotely polices for 93% of staff. Employer perceptions of online education continues to change positively and Insperity, a recruiting services firm that serves more than 100,000 small and midsize businesses, reports that 75 percent of their clients have embraced online credentials of prospective employees.

Does Brand Matter?

My College Laptop has researched 7,000 colleges and universities nationwide to find which colleges offer laptops, laptop discounts, tablet, mobile, tech support and other technological tools with their tuition.  Technological aids are categorized by online colleges that offer laptops, campus-based colleges that offer laptops and laptop brands.  While 27 percent of computer users in the U.S. are Mac users, only 17 percent of colleges that provide laptops to students provide Apple/iOS computers. And 83 percent of the colleges that provide laptops provide PC/Windows based computers.


Here is the brand break down of online colleges that offer laptops and other technological aids with tuition:


Dell: 17%  |  Lenovo: 15.4% |  HP: 16% |  Apple: 14% |  Toshiba: 12% |  ASUS: 12% |  Acer: 11% |  Apple iPad: 2.6%


To date, we have found 330 colleges in the U.S. that provide free laptops or laptop discounts to assist college students with their online studies.

College Laptop Deals from the Name Brands

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