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June 8, 2020

Textbooks can be extremely expensive. Many students end up spending a small fortune on textbooks each semester, exacerbating the already expensive investment of a college education. If you want to save money on your textbooks and reduce your educational costs, Amazon might be the answer. Here are four ways to save on textbooks through Amazon.


Buy Your Textbooks

University bookstores are often extremely expensive. Even if you’re purchasing books used, college bookstores are notorious for charging the highest price possible. Amazon does something called price matching, which ensures that you’ll get the lowest price on virtually any item on the site. Price matching means that Amazon sells items for the lowest price that it has been sold at any retailer. Amazon will also show you links to different storefronts that are selling their items through the site, which helps you shop around to find the most inexpensive price possible for any textbook.

Sell Them Back

University bookstores also fail when it comes to buying books back. They give students the lowest price possible in an effort to save money. Amazon has a phenomenal book buy-back program, where they give students fair rates if they sell their books back through the site. Students can opt to receive their money in the form of cash or an Amazon gift card. Even Books that were purchased through sites other than Amazon are still acceptable. As an added bonus, Amazon provides sellers with a shipping label, which means that you won’t spend any cash getting your book to Amazon’s warehouse.

Rent Them

If you know that you’ll never need your book once the semester ends, Amazon offers a great textbook rental program. Offering students competitive rental prices, renting from Amazon is a great way to save money. Amazon will ship your book to you once you agree to their rental terms and provide you with a return shipping label to ship your book back at the end of the semester.

Use E-Textbooks

Virtual textbooks are almost always cheaper than paper copies. A great long-term strategy for your college career is to invest in an Amazon Kindle, an e-reader that doubles as a tablet for web browsing, music and video content. You can use your Kindle to rent or buy digital copies of all of your textbooks. The money you save by buying digital textbooks will more than cover the price you’ll pay for the Kindle. This strategy is helping university students all over the world to save money and keep all of their textbooks stored on one convenient device.

All of these methods will help you to save money on your textbook costs. Amazon is a great resource for students looking to save money. Whether your choose to buy and sell back or rent, Amazon offers a myriad of great options for students.