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March 11, 2022

So you’ve found your laptop and you’re all set for college? Not quite yet. To get the very most out of your laptop you’re going to want to make a few additional purchases. Here are some suggested accessories to keep your laptop safe, and convenient.

Remote Mouse

Laptop Lock While the built-in mouse on laptops is great for quick tasks and controlling the computer when you’re travelling, a remote mouse can make your laptop much easier to use. Remote mice are inexpensive and compact; perfect for a dorm room.

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Not all sponsored colleges have laptop programs

If you’re a student, chances are that you’ll be studying in a public place whether it’s for the free Wi-Fi or just a change in scenery. Keep your laptop safe when you get up to grab a drink by locking your laptop. A portable laptop lock will keep your laptop anchored to the table using a small cable. Locks can be found for less than ten dollars.

Extra Laptop Batteries

You won’t always have easy access to an outlet so having an extra battery can really come in handy. Look for laptops that require less power and for batteries that promise at least 6 hours of battery life. Generic batteries can easily be found online and are much cheaper than the computer manufacturer’s extras.

Sound-Blocking Headphones

If you struggle keeping your focus, these can really help you out. You won’t always be able to study in a quiet place so maximize your focus by blocking out sounds from your environment. These will also come in handy for late night Netflix binge watching. A decent pair will run you about $50 so this item is more of a splurge.

Small Wireless Printer

While your college probably offers you free printing services at the library, it can sometimes be a hassle to have to stop by each time you’d like to print something. A small wireless printer easily connects to laptops and doesn’t take up much space. Instead of buying new ink cartridges when you run out, look into having them refilled by a local business.

Laptop Bag

After you’ve shelled out a bunch of money for your laptop and accessories, you want to keep them protected and keep them convenient to carry. Invest in a laptop bag that will keep you laptop safe. Look for a bag that can do double duty carrying both your laptop and a few textbooks. Discount stores like Ross or TJMaxx are good places to find high quality bags for great prices.