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April 7, 2021

A college education is more important today than it ever was. Many older adults are continuing their education to earn a promotion, and/or increase their monetary earnings. However, attending a brick-and-mortar campus can be challenging for older adults who work full-time and have families. Recent high school graduates may opt for online education due to having a disability, needing to work full-time, and having an aversion to the traditional schooling environment. Online Christian colleges are a convenient way for students to increase their knowledge, earning potential, and faith all at the same time. Choosing the right online Christian College can be difficult because there are so many emerging in cyber space.

Eight Online Christian Colleges

1.Liberty University

Liberty University is a non-profit Christian University that is based in Lynchburg, Virginia. Their online platform offers over 200 certificates, undergraduate, and graduate degree options. They also offer a variety of majors, including counseling, business, teaching, healthcare, and criminal justice. The percentage of student retention and graduation is high. The tuition rates are one of the cheapest among online colleges.

2.Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University (GCU) is based in Phoenix, Arizona. Over 100 degree programs are offered. A major benefit of GCU is that students complete one class at a time to ensure optimal convenience and understanding of the material. There are multiple start-times throughout the year. Class sizes are small, and the faculty works on a full-time schedule. GCU is interdenominational, and they host online church services twice a week.

3.Ohio Christian University

Ohio Christian University provides students with a holistic Wesleyan-Christian education. They offer associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs in business, ministry, leadership, psychology/counseling areas. Their AIM Adult Degree program is geared towards older adults who are going back to school after some time away from the classroom. Admission is selective in order to maintain the 10:1 student to faculty ratio.

4.Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University is a Catholic university that is based in Florida. There have 15,000 students from all over the world. At least three religion and philosophy courses are required as general education requirements; however, they do not have to be related to the Christian religion. They offer 40 degree programs.

5 University College at Azusa Pacific University

University College of Azusa Pacific University has been listed as the country’s best universities by U.S. News and World Report. It is intended towards older adults who are seeking a faith-based education. Over 100 associate’s, undergraduate, and graduate degrees are offered. Students can complete their degree on a part-time or full-time schedule. They do their best to provide their online students with the same resources as on-campus students, including their church services that are streamed online.

6. Indiana Wesleyan University

Indiana Wesleyan University is a liberal arts university. They encourage their students to think of their education as pursuing their life’s purpose and an opportunity to refine their spirituality. Most of their on-campus degree programs are offered online. There are no wait-lists because students register for all of their courses at once. All of their supplies is delivered to their door for no additional costs.

7. University of Northwestern

University of Northwestern is a liberal arts university. All of their policies are based on Christian values. Their student to faculty ratio is 14:1 to provide the students the support that they need to derive maximum educational and spiritual benefit. Nine undergraduate and graduate degree programs are offered by their online program.

8. Graceland University

Graceland University is renowned for its nursing and education programs, which are ranked as 10th and 11th best by the U.S. News and World Report. They have over 100 years of experience in providing quality, faith-based education. The students are from a variety of Christian sects. They offer nine graduate programs in healthcare, education, and theology.

Choosing the Best Online Christian College for the Individual

The wide availability of excellent online Christian colleges can be overwhelming. While they are all excellent, prospective students need to consider which is best for them. They should consider their intended program of study, desired level of religiosity, personal schedule, and other characteristics that are important to them. Online Christian colleges are a great way to receive an affordable, quality education that can promote professional and spiritual growth.