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March 16, 2021

Helping College Students

Have you recently enrolled in college or are you thinking about doing so? Tuition and book prices have you strapped? If you are working to better your financial situation by furthering your education but are struggling to do so, Computers with Causes may be just the program you need. Read on to discover how Computers with Causes can help you as you strive for a better future!

Sometimes the only way up, is by grasping the hand of others

Let’s be honest, not many people enjoy asking for help. There’s a stigma of pride associated with doing it all on your own. The reality though, is that there is no shame in reaching out for help when you need it. 

Tuition prices can be steep. Textbooks for a full course load, unbelievable. In today’s day and age, computers are essential in nearly all college degree course work. Direct access to technology does not have to be a defining factor in your pursuit of higher education. Computers with Causes is here to help, contact them today to see how you can get started seeking assistance for a laptop, computer, or tablet to meet your educational needs.

You will be doing your part in keeping our planet clean

The laptop, computer, or tablet you can recieve through the generous donations made to Computers with Causes, is one less piece of technology that may have ended up packing our landfills. 

The world only has so much land. Every year humans generate an additional 2.2 billion tons of waste, the majority of which we bury into our earth. Every computer, laptop, or tablet that is giving to a student in need is one less piece of our precious earth filled with waste.

You will be helping someone else meet their purpose

Asking for help isn’t always easy. Accepting help that is offered can be tough. Oddly though, as you receive the generous gift of a computer through assistance from Computers with Causes, you are actually helping someone else to reach their potential.

“How so?” you may ask. By allowing them to filfull their desire to give. As much as you want that degree, want to pursue that job field, want to create financial stability, there is another person in the world whose only want is to help you do that. By graciously accepting their generous donation, you are assisting them in meeting their own dreams, goals, and ambitious just as they are helping you to do the same. 

Computers with Causes is holding their hand out, ready to help you reach your full potential by assisting you with a computer, tablet, or laptop for college. Apply for hel today! Interested in making a tax deductible donation? Inquire here to get started!